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  1. Refers to the setting up of a cause and effect relationship when non exists.
  2. Encourages listeners to agree with a position because everyone else does.
  3. Illogical, misleading comparison between two things.
  4. A statement that does not relate logically to what comes before it.
  5. Any kind of fallacious argument that criticizes an idea by pointing something out about the person who holds the idea.
  6. Consists of an oversimplification of an opponents argument to make it easier to attack.

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  1. Scare TacticsTelling part of the truth while hiding the entire truth.


  2. EquivocationThe speaker presumes that his or her beliefs are beyond question.


  3. Argument from AuthorityIllogical, misleading comparison between two things.


  4. Hasty GeneralizationLeading to a conclusion by providing insufficient, selective evidence.


  5. Red HerringAttempts to shift attention away from an important issue by introducing an issue that has no logical connection to the discussion at hand.


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