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  1. The assumption that whatever has not been proven false must be true or whatever has not been proved true must be false.
  2. An argument where someone assumes that parts or all of what the person claims to be proving are proven facts.
  3. Telling part of the truth while hiding the entire truth.
  4. Tempts us to agree with the writer's assumptions based on the authority of a famous person
  5. Used to frighten readers or listeners into agreeing with the speaker.
  6. A statement that does not relate logically to what comes before it.

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  1. Faulty CasualtyIllogical, misleading comparison between two things.


  2. Ad HominemAny kind of fallacious argument that criticizes an idea by pointing something out about the person who holds the idea.


  3. Slippery SlopeSuggests dire consequences from relatively minor cases


  4. Sentimental AppealsEncourages listeners to agree with a position because everyone else does.


  5. Hasty GeneralizationTelling part of the truth while hiding the entire truth.


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