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  1. Midline
  2. Anterior
  3. Interproximal
  4. Gingiva
  5. Alveolus
  1. a The bony socket in which the tooth is held
  2. b Pertaining to the middle
  3. c Denoting the area between two teeth
  4. d Gums
  5. e Toward the front

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  1. Cell in dental pulp which froms dentin
  2. The surface that touches the tongue
  3. All phases of denistry
  4. Dental specialty concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of dental pulp
  5. Hollow space

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  1. Oral PathologyDeals with intra-oral diseases and related structures


  2. PosteriorTowards the back


  3. MandibleUpper jaw


  4. Salivary GlandGlands which produce and secrete saliva


  5. Alveolar ProcessThe bony socket in which the tooth is held


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