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  1. Labial
  2. Occlusal
  3. Sinus
  4. Periodontal Ligament
  5. Cusp
  1. a Round surfaces of teeth
  2. b Holds tooth in the socket
  3. c Mashing surface of posterior teeth
  4. d Adjacent to the lip
  5. e Hollow space

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  1. All phases of denistry
  2. Left or right half of an arch
  3. Tissue underlying enamel and centenum
  4. The bone that surrounds and supports the teeth
  5. The shedding process of primary teeth

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  1. LingualThe surface that touches the tongue


  2. GingivaGums


  3. MidlineTowards the midline


  4. DentitionThe kind, number, and arrangement of teeth


  5. PeriodonticsSpecialty for children's denistry


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