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  1. Dentin
  2. Succedaneous
  3. Labial
  4. Mucous Membrane
  5. Oral Pathology
  1. a Tissue underlying enamel and centenum
  2. b Deals with intra-oral diseases and related structures
  3. c Any permanent tooth that replaces baby teeth
  4. d Membrane that lines passages that communicate with air
  5. e Adjacent to the lip

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  1. The bony socket in which the tooth is held
  2. All phases of denistry
  3. Dental specialty concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of dental pulp
  4. Adjacent to the lips and cheeks
  5. Biting surface of front teeth

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  1. MidlinePertaining to the middle


  2. MandibleLower jaw


  3. ExfoliationThe shedding process of primary teeth


  4. TuberosityThe most distal aspect to the maxilla


  5. EruptionAppearing in the mouth


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