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  1. Educated Guess
  2. According to the first law of thermodynamics....
  3. Alcohol Fermentation
  4. The Krebs Cycle
  5. The Chemical bond in the gasoline in a cars gas tank illustrate ______ energy, while the movement of the car on the highway is ________.
  1. a The total amount of energy is constant, energy can not be created or destroyed, bu it can be converted
  2. b Hypothesis
  3. c This process yields 2 molecules of ATP
  4. d This process yields a final product of ethanol
  5. e Potential, Kinetic

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  1. splitting water
  2. Inner membrane of the mitochondria
  3. Plants
  4. Enzyme specificity
  5. oxygen

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  1. Which of the following are produced by the reactions that take place in the thylakoid membrane and consumed by the reactions in the stroma?ATP + NADPH


  2. This process precedes the second stage of aerobic respiration.Glycolosis


  3. When FAD+ combines with hydrogen the FAD+ becomes ____________.reduced


  4. The build up of Lactic acid indicates that muscles are functioning _________.anaerobically


  5. The final hydrogen acceptor in the noncyclic pathways of photosynthesis is _______NADP+


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