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  1. Third stage of aerobic respiration occurs in the ____________
  2. Alcohol Fermentation
  3. Who was the first to say the earth circled the sun?
  4. Where does the Krebs Cycle Occur?
  5. This process precedes the second stage of aerobic respiration.
  1. a Copernicus
  2. b This process yields a final product of ethanol
  3. c Inner mitochondria compartments
  4. d Inner membrane of the mitochondria
  5. e Glycolosis

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  1. Produces ATP, NADH, and Co2
  2. Uses a membrane-bound system to produce ATP
  3. The reactants have more energy than the products
  4. The Calvin cycle depends on the products of the light reactions.
  5. Plants

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  1. The final hydrogen acceptor in the noncyclic pathways of photosynthesis is _______NADP+


  2. ATP is important in cells in cells because _____________?Includes experimental groups and control groups tested in parallel.


  3. Electron Transport systems ______________.Proteins


  4. FermentationThis process yields a final product Lactate


  5. In photosynthesis, chlorophyll molecules struck by light lose electrons, these are finally replaced by?Red and Blue


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