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  1. Lactate Fermentation
  2. Enzymes are ______________?
  3. In photosynthesis, chlorophyll molecules struck by light lose electrons, these are finally replaced by?
  4. The final hydrogen acceptor in the noncyclic pathways of photosynthesis is _______
  5. Catabolic reactions are reactions that _________
  1. a This process yields a final product Lactate
  2. b splitting water
  3. c Proteins
  4. d Break down complex molecules.
  5. e NADP+

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  1. The reactants have more energy than the products
  2. by lowering activation energy
  3. Making an observation
  4. Sun
  5. ATP + NADPH

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  1. According to the first law of thermodynamics....Systems always tend toward greater states of disorder.


  2. Electron Transport systems ______________.Proteins


  3. ATP is important in cells in cells because _____________?Includes experimental groups and control groups tested in parallel.


  4. Where do the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis occur?Thylacoid membrane


  5. FermentationThis process yields a final product Lactate


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