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  1. The Krebs Cycle
  2. How does an enzyme increase the speed of a reaction?
  3. Acetyl-CoA Formation
  4. What does the second law of thermodynamics predict?
  5. The process that converts glucose into two molecules of pyruvate is _________
  1. a by lowering activation energy
  2. b Glycolysis
  3. c Systems always tend toward greater states of disorder.
  4. d Produces ATP, NADH, and Co2
  5. e Chemically grooms pyruvate, producing NADH and Co2

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  1. anaerobically
  2. Proteins
  3. Glycolosis
  4. Oxygen
  5. NADP+

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  1. A photosystem consists of two major parts. The First part is ____________ and the second part is ______________Red and Blue


  2. Which of the following are produced by the reactions that take place in the thylakoid membrane and consumed by the reactions in the stroma?Thylacoid membrane


  3. The ultimate source of energy for living things is the__________Sun


  4. When ATP releases energy it forms?Inner mitochondria compartments


  5. In which compound would you expect the labeled oxygen atoms first to show up?by lowering activation energy


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