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  1. What does the second law of thermodynamics predict?
  2. The process that converts glucose into two molecules of pyruvate is _________
  3. It takes ________ turns of the calvin-benson cycle to produce one molecule of glucose.
  4. electron transfer phosphorylation
  5. The build up of Lactic acid indicates that muscles are functioning _________.
  1. a Six
  2. b anaerobically
  3. c This Process yields 32 molecules of ATP
  4. d Glycolysis
  5. e Systems always tend toward greater states of disorder.

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  1. Inner membrane of the mitochondria
  2. Includes experimental groups and control groups tested in parallel.
  3. splitting water
  4. Making an observation
  5. by lowering activation energy

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  1. The Krebs CycleHypothesis


  2. Electron Transfer phosphylrationUses a membrane-bound system to produce ATP


  3. The Chemical bond in the gasoline in a cars gas tank illustrate ______ energy, while the movement of the car on the highway is ________.The Calvin cycle depends on the products of the light reactions.


  4. Electron Transport systems ______________.Are found in both mitochondria and chloroplasts, release energy as electrons are transferred, are involved in the production of ATP, and are located in a membrane.


  5. Who was the first to say the earth circled the sun?Copernicus


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