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  1. The ultimate source of energy for living things is the__________
  2. The reactions of the calvin cycle do not occur at night why?
  3. Acetyl-CoA Formation
  4. When FAD+ combines with hydrogen the FAD+ becomes ____________.
  5. Electron Transport systems ______________.
  1. a The Calvin cycle depends on the products of the light reactions.
  2. b reduced
  3. c Sun
  4. d Chemically grooms pyruvate, producing NADH and Co2
  5. e Are found in both mitochondria and chloroplasts, release energy as electrons are transferred, are involved in the production of ATP, and are located in a membrane.

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  1. Uses a membrane-bound system to produce ATP
  2. This process yields a final product Lactate
  3. Proteins
  4. oxygen
  5. Break down complex molecules.

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  1. The "Induced fit hypothesis" provides and explanation for _______________.Enzyme specificity


  2. The process that converts glucose into two molecules of pyruvate is _________Glycolysis


  3. Where does the Krebs Cycle Occur?This process yields 2 molecules of ATP


  4. In photosynthesis, chlorophyll molecules struck by light lose electrons, these are finally replaced by?splitting water


  5. GlycolysisRegenerates NAD+ as pyruvate is converted to ethanol or lactate.


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