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  1. Tierra del Fuego
  2. Mariachi
  3. Mayans
  4. Tango
  5. Caribbean Sea
  1. a style of dance and music that combines elements of Argentinian, African, and Spanish flamenco traditions; one can hear tempo and rhythmic changes and the voice of piano and accordian
  2. b a chain of islands located at the southern tip of South America; administered and governed by Chile and Argentina
  3. c style of music based in Mexico that combines elements of native and Spanish musical traditions; incorporates male vocals, trumpets playing a counter melody, and a variety of stringed instruments
  4. d Native American group that lived on the Yucatan Peninsula
  5. e body of water located north of South America and east of Central America

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  1. refers to the shift some countries experience as the government leadership goes from a dictatorship to democracy and back to a dictatorshipt
  2. federal government agency that is responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations governing narcotics and controlled substances
  3. located in Mexico, just over the border, and are built by companies in the United State to take advantage of much lower labor costs
  4. mountain range located along the eastern and western sides of Mexico
  5. the traditional and ideal Latin American woman is patient, loving, gentle and willing to suffer in silence

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  1. Pampasgrassland region located in Argentina and Uruguay


  2. legal immigrationprocess includes: possession of a unique job skill, know relatives who are US citizens living in the United States, or be classified as an exile or refugee


  3. Peruvian Andesmountain chain running along the western coast of South America; this particular location is the source of the Amazon River


  4. Mestizoperson of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry


  5. US naturalization processseveral steps are involved including: obtain a green card, living in the United States for a minimum of 5 years, and the passage of a citizenship test


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