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  1. machismo
  2. political pendulum
  3. liberal democracy
  4. Monroe Doctrine
  5. C.I.S.
  1. a Latin American social ethic that honored male strength, courage, aggressiveness, and assertiveness
  2. b a representative government where indivdual freedoms are protected
  3. c refers to the shift some countries experience as the government leadership goes from a dictatorship to democracy and back to a dictatorshipt
  4. d foreign policy that stated European countries and empires could not interfere in affairs of the United States or in the development of countries in the Western Hemisphere
  5. e the United States government agency that has the responsibility for administering the country's immigration policy and is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security

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  1. a strategy that attempts to destroy drugs before they reach the borders of the United States
  2. second largest body of water in the world; located west of Europe and Africa and east of North and South America
  3. process of seizing drugs while the drugs are enroute to the United States
  4. a person of mixed African and European descent
  5. the process of banishing someone from their native country

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  1. Mestizoperson of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry


  2. HuaynoNative American group that lived on the Yucatan Peninsula


  3. NAFTAa trade agreement between countries in North America (United States, Mexico, and Canda)


  4. Mariachistyle of music based in Mexico that combines elements of native and Spanish musical traditions; incorporates male vocals, trumpets playing a counter melody, and a variety of stringed instruments


  5. legal immigrationa strategy that attempts to destroy drugs before they reach the borders of the United States


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