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  1. eradication
  2. Amazaon River
  3. Mestizo
  4. NAFTA
  5. mule
  1. a a strategy that attempts to destroy drugs before they reach the borders of the United States
  2. b second longest river in the world; runs 4,000 miles from west to east and its mouth is located in the Atlantic Ocean
  3. c person of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry
  4. d a trade agreement between countries in North America (United States, Mexico, and Canda)
  5. e group of people who carry drugs over the border and is considered the lowest level of drug trafficking

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  1. anciet civilization in existence from 1200-1521 AD that was located in what is now Mexico City
  2. several steps are involved including: obtain a green card, living in the United States for a minimum of 5 years, and the passage of a citizenship test
  3. formal organization of producers that agree to coordinate prices and production of a good; in Latin America, often refers to the drug trade
  4. river cutting through the desert and forms a natural border between the United States and Mexico
  5. Native American group that lived on the Yucatan Peninsula

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  1. Atacam Desertlocated in northern Chile and is considered to be one of the driest regions in the world


  2. Peruvian AndesPeruvian empire that was very powerful in South America; came to an end in 1532


  3. SonLatin American style of music originating in Cuba; combines elements of African and Spanish musical traditions, male vocals, offbeat rhythms, and claves, maracas, and bongos


  4. llanosAfricans who were brought from Africa to Latin America by Europeans


  5. slavesAfricans who were brought from Africa to Latin America by Europeans


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