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  1. Pampas
  2. Aztecs
  3. Incans
  4. eradication
  5. Caribbean Sea
  1. a Peruvian empire that was very powerful in South America; came to an end in 1532
  2. b body of water located north of South America and east of Central America
  3. c grassland region located in Argentina and Uruguay
  4. d anciet civilization in existence from 1200-1521 AD that was located in what is now Mexico City
  5. e a strategy that attempts to destroy drugs before they reach the borders of the United States

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  1. a representative government where indivdual freedoms are protected
  2. a Spanish American of pure European descent
  3. a chain of islands located at the southern tip of South America; administered and governed by Chile and Argentina
  4. refers to a person who has to leave his or her country to find safety elsewhere
  5. related to the rainforest and is caused by human migration, economic development, and pusuing short-term profits by ranchers and the lumber industry

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  1. Mariachitax on foreign goods imported by the United States


  2. exilethe process of banishing someone from their native country


  3. maquiladoralocated in Mexico, just over the border, and are built by companies in the United State to take advantage of much lower labor costs


  4. Peruvian Andesriver cutting through the desert and forms a natural border between the United States and Mexico


  5. Atlantic Oceanthe plains region of eastern Colombia and western Venezuela


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