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  1. to sweep mucus down the throat.
  2. The process where oxygen and glucose undergo a series of chemical reactions inside cells.
  3. a large, dome shaped muscle that plays an important role in breathing
  4. breathing passages
  5. tar
  1. a What is the job of cilia?
  2. b What is respiration?
  3. c What is the dark sticky substance that forms when tobacco burns?
  4. d What is the diaphragm?
  5. e The chemicals in tobacco smoke damage lung tissue as well as ________________.

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  1. What is the most preventable cause of illness and death?
  2. Does the diaphragm relax when you inhale or exhale?
  3. What two substances release energy to fuel your cells?
  4. Can passive smokers develop asthma?
  5. Can you develop atherosclerosis overtime from smoking?

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  1. about 77,000What is the death rate of males because of smoking in the year 2000?


  2. it increases the activities of the nervous system.Why do trombone players need alveoli?


  3. voice boxCan passive smokers develop asthma?


  4. 21%What percent of air humans inhale is oxygen?


  5. pharynxIs the throat the pharynx or the larynx?


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