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  1. Pendleton Civil Service Act
  2. gold standard
  3. Crédit Mobilier
  4. William McKinley
  5. Homestead Strike
  1. a a monetary system in which paper money and coins are equal to the value of a certain amount of gold
  2. b Stalwart Republican President who took office in 1897; promised to uphold the gold standard; industrialists threatened to shut down factories if he was not elected; assassinated by Leon Czolgosz
  3. c Passed in 1883, an Act that created a federal civil service commission so that hiring and promotion would be based on exam scores rather than patronage.
  4. d Scandalous company created by Union Pacific Railroad insiders, it distributed shares of its stock to Congressmen to avoid detection
  5. e Near Pittsburgh 1892; Henry Clay Frick announces wage cut; workers strike; Frick institutes lockout and hires scabs and strikebreakers; state militia ends strike violently

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  1. Republicans who strongly defended the spoils and patronage system
  2. State laws enacted in the Midwest in the 1870s that regulated rates charged by railroads
  3. Organization founded by Oliver H. Kelley that helped improve the lives of isolated farmers
  4. Democrat President; took office in 1885 and 1893; doubled the number of federal jobs requiring exams; refused to use federal resources to assist the unemployed during the depression of the 1890s.
  5. Under the leadership of Terrence V. Powderly, this union included both skilled and unskilled workers, women, and African Americans, but not Chinese

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  1. Pullman StrikeChicago 1894; workers strike due to wage cuts and company town prices; ARU blocks trains; mail cars attached; Pres. Cleveland orders federal troops to end strike violently


  2. Interstate Commerce Act1887 law passed to regulate railroad and other interstate businesses


  3. Tammany HallChicago 1886; local craft unions; peaceful strike taken over by anarchists; bomb goes off near police who end strike violently


  4. Half-breedsRepublicans who favored civil service reform


  5. socialistsGroup that believed nation's resources and industries should be owned and operated by the government on behalf of the people


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