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  1. Populist party
  2. Tammany Hall
  3. Crédit Mobilier
  4. Great Railroad Strike
  5. Ulysses S. Grant
  1. a Farmers, reformers and labor leaders formed this political party in the elections of 1892 and 1896
  2. b Nationwide 1877; workers ceased working due to %10 wage cuts; blocked freight trains; Pres. Hayes orders federal troops into major cities to end strikes violently
  3. c Scandalous company created by Union Pacific Railroad insiders, it distributed shares of its stock to Congressmen to avoid detection
  4. d The Democratic Party political machine of the late 1860s and early 1870s in New York City headed by William Marcy Tweed that used graft, bribery, and rigged elections to rob the city of over $200 million in tax money.
  5. e Scandals during this President's administration include Crédit Mobilier, the Whiskey Ring, Gould and Fiske's attempt to corner the gold market, and Secretary of War William Belknap's bribe-taking from Indian reservation suppliers.

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  1. Stalwart Republican President; took office in 1889; filled almost every non-exam job with Republican supporters; passed laws such as the McKinley Tariff, and the Sherman Antitrust and Sherman Silver Purchase Acts
  2. a monetary system in which paper money and coins are equal to the value of a certain amount of gold
  3. Democrat President; took office in 1885 and 1893; doubled the number of federal jobs requiring exams; refused to use federal resources to assist the unemployed during the depression of the 1890s.
  4. Chicago 1886; local craft unions; peaceful strike taken over by anarchists; bomb goes off near police who end strike violently
  5. Law created to limit the power of monopolies in restraint of competition; allowed federal troops to intervene against Pullman strikers in 1894 who blocked mail cars

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  1. Homestead StrikeChicago 1894; workers strike due to wage cuts and company town prices; ARU blocks trains; mail cars attached; Pres. Cleveland orders federal troops to end strike violently


  2. Farmers' AllianceHalf-breed Republican President; took office in 1881; assassinated for refusing to give away government jobs


  3. AFLAmerican Federation of Labor; allowed only skilled workers as members; worked within the system


  4. Granger lawsRepublicans who strongly defended the spoils and patronage system


  5. Whiskey RingChicago 1886; local craft unions; peaceful strike taken over by anarchists; bomb goes off near police who end strike violently


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