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  1. Wax crayons, like pastels, combine ground pigment with a ________; in this case, wax.
  2. Pencil is capable of producing a ________ range of effects
  3. The relative hardness or softness of a ________ depends on the quantity of clay mixed with the pigment material.
  4. Today the word "cartoon" usually means a humorous or satirical picture; originally the word referred to ________.
  5. The controlled charring of special hard woods forms this drawing material.
  1. a binder
  2. b full-scale preliminary drawings for larger scale works such as fresco paintings
  3. c charcoal
  4. d wide
  5. e pencil

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  1. pencil
  2. silverpoint
  3. mind
  4. drawing
  5. carbon black and water

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  1. Copying permits the artist to, in a sense, retrace another artist's steps from ________ to completion.conception


  2. The masters of brush-and-ink are artists of ________.Japan


  3. With this drawing implement, lines are barely visible when first made, but become darker as the drawing ages.wax crayon


  4. ________ allows for little or no correction.silverpoint


  5. This fluid drawing tool comes in a wide variety of materials, textures, and shapes and affords many effects.brush


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