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  1. Pencil is capable of producing a ________ range of effects
  2. A kind of pen that became popular during the Middle Ages was ________.
  3. Which of the following best describes an ink wash?
  4. This fluid drawing tool comes in a wide variety of materials, textures, and shapes and affords many effects.
  5. Today the word "cartoon" usually means a humorous or satirical picture; originally the word referred to ________.
  1. a a quill
  2. b brush
  3. c Diluted ink that is usually applied with a brush
  4. d wide
  5. e full-scale preliminary drawings for larger scale works such as fresco paintings

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  1. pastel
  2. silverpoint
  3. Japan
  4. pencil
  5. pen and wash

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  1. The most basic of the two-dimensional art forms is ________.drawing


  2. Copying permits the artist to, in a sense, retrace another artist's steps from ________ to completion.conception


  3. This drawing device is composed of a thin rod of graphite encased within wood or paper.wax crayon


  4. Conté is one of the most popular forms of this material.crayon


  5. The controlled charring of special hard woods forms this drawing material.crayon


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