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  1. vapor-pressure curve
  2. product
  3. trigonal planar
  4. transition elements
  5. vaporization
  1. a The metallic elements characterized by increasing numbers of d and f electrons. These elements are located in Groups IB - VIIB and in Group VII of the periodic table.
  2. b A chemical substance produced from the reactants by a chemical change.
  3. c Evaporation.
  4. d A graph generated by plotting the temperature of a liquid on the x-axis and its vapor pressure on the y-axis. Any point on the curve represents an equilibrium between the vapor and the liquid.
  5. e An arrangement of atoms in the VSEPR model where the three pairs of electrons are placed 120 degrees apart on a flat plane.

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  1. The grams of solute in 100 g of a solution.
  2. Number that appears below the line and to the right of a symbol of an element.
  3. A state of matter in which the particles move about freely while the substance retains a definite volume; thus, liquids flow and take the shape of their containers.
  4. A positively or negatively charged atom or group of atoms.
  5. The ability of a solute to dissolve in a solvent.

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  1. perfect gasThe quantity of heat required to change the temperature of 1g of any substance by 1 degree C.


  2. reactantA chemical substance entering into a chemical reaction.


  3. specific heatThe ratio of the density of one substance to the density of another substance taken as a standard. Water is usually the standard for liquids and solids; air, for gases.


  4. stoichiometryThe area of chemistry that deals with the quantitative relationships among reactants and products in a chemical reaction.


  5. volume percent (solution)The volume of solute in 100 mL of solution.


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