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  1. limiting reactant
  2. SI
  3. subatomic particles
  4. gas
  5. subscript
  1. a Particles found within the atom, mainly protons, neutrons, and electrons.
  2. b A state of matter that has no shape or definite volume.
  3. c A reactant the limits the amount of product formed by running out first in a chemical reaction.
  4. d Number that appears below the line and to the right of a symbol of an element.
  5. e An agreed upon system of measurements by scientists.

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  1. A chemical substance produced from the reactants by a chemical change.
  2. Existing within the atom, these energy levels contain orbitals within which electrons are found.
  3. The characteristics of substances that give them unique identities.
  4. Colored lines generated when light emitted by a gas is passed through a spectroscope. Each element is unique.
  5. At constant volume, the pressure of a fixed mass is directly proportional to the absolute temperature.

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  1. theoretical yieldThe maximum amount of product that can be produced according to a balanced equation.


  2. saltsIonic compounds of cations and anions.


  3. partial pressureThe pressure exerted independently by each gas in a mixture of gases.


  4. pressureMatter containing two or more substances, which can be present in variable amounts.


  5. solventThe substance that the solute is dissolved into.


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