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  1. a solid fossil fuel formed underground from buried, decomposed plant material
  2. The process by which used or discarded materials are treated for use
  3. an oily mixture of flammable organic compounds from which liquid fossil fuels and other products are seperated; crude oil
  4. a gaseus fossil fuel
  5. the form of energy associated changes in the nucleus of an atom
  6. A natural resource that can be used and replaced over a relitivly short time

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  1. Gasohola photochemical fog produced by the action of sunlight on air pollution


  2. Geothermal Energyenergy from the sun


  3. Acid Precipitationproccess in which rock and soil are stripped from earths surface to expose the underlying materials to be mined


  4. Fossil Fuela mixture of gasoline and alcohol that is burned as a fuel


  5. Energy ResourceAny natural substance organism or energy that living things use


  6. Hydroelectic Energyenergy within the earth


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