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  1. Simile or metaphor (S or M)---- blue is the sky
  2. The exact orgin of these entertaining poems is not certain, but ______ became popular when a british poet and painter named edward lear published "A boot of nonsense", a collectoin of 72 _________. (the same answer goes in bothe blanks)
  3. When the feet are put together, they make a special pattern called ______.
  4. This rythmic quality is produced by the rise and fall of the sounds whcih suggest the ___________ or _______ of the poem.
  5. A sound word. Ex. Chugged, rickety, babbled, howled
  1. a onomatoeia
  2. b meter
  3. c action or mood
  4. d Limeracks
  5. e M

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  1. Idiom
  2. personification
  3. alliteration
  4. simile
  5. Iamb

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  1. Traditional poems have _______ and ________.stressed and unstressed.


  2. This defines what?? Art of expressing ones thought in verse, listening exprience, should be read aloud, has rythm and meaning, arouses our emotions through visual imagery,_______ is thrifty w/ wordsIamb


  3. AABBA is an example of a ______________. (has star)*rhyme scheme


  4. A ______ ______ is a group of two or three syllables with an accent on one of the syllables.Poetic Foot


  5. A familar pattern of meter is called the _____. The _______ is a foot of two syallables with no accent on the 1st syllable but an accent on the second syllable. (Same answer for both)Iambus


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