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  1. A ______ is an exagerated statment wsed for effect and not meant to tbe taken litterally.
  2. The sun sizzled the swimmers skin. The wild wind whistled and wailed. The rapidy rising river rushed rampantly. These are an example of ________
  3. Comparison using like or as
  4. This defines what?? Art of expressing ones thought in verse, listening exprience, should be read aloud, has rythm and meaning, arouses our emotions through visual imagery,_______ is thrifty w/ words
  5. Simile or metaphor (S or M)---- blue is the sky
  1. a poetry
  2. b alliteration
  3. c hyperbole
  4. d M
  5. e simile

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  1. Poetic Foot
  2. Idiom
  3. Auditory Imagery
  4. Visual Imagery
  5. meter

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  1. This rythmic quality is produced by the rise and fall of the sounds whcih suggest the ___________ or _______ of the poem.action or mood


  2. Syallbles can be _______ and ____________.rhythm and meter


  3. ________ is a set of stressed and unstressed syllables.personification


  4. Comparison that often uses a form of to bemetaphor


  5. Simile or Metaphor (S or M)----- Fast as a cheetahS


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