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  1. Simile or Metaphor (S or M)----- Fast as a cheetah
  2. Syallbles can be _______ and ____________.
  3. A sound word. Ex. Chugged, rickety, babbled, howled
  4. A ________ is a popular saying whose meaning can not be determined word for word but by the expressopn it represents.
  5. When the feet are put together, they make a special pattern called ______.
  1. a S
  2. b meter
  3. c onomatoeia
  4. d Idiom
  5. e stressed and unstressed.

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  1. alliteration
  2. personification
  3. Visual Imagery
  4. metaphor
  5. Rhyme scheme

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  1. A ______ ______ is a group of two or three syllables with an accent on one of the syllables.Iamb


  2. A ______ is an exagerated statment wsed for effect and not meant to tbe taken litterally.hyperbole


  3. Simile or metaphor (S or M)---- blue is the skyS


  4. Through _______________ we hear the pounding stir, the song of a thrush, a voice from history. (It is in a poem and you can hear it)Visual Imagery


  5. ________ is a set of stressed and unstressed syllables.personification


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