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  1. The exact orgin of these entertaining poems is not certain, but ______ became popular when a british poet and painter named edward lear published "A boot of nonsense", a collectoin of 72 _________. (the same answer goes in bothe blanks)
  2. A familar pattern of meter is called the _____. The _______ is a foot of two syallables with no accent on the 1st syllable but an accent on the second syllable. (Same answer for both)
  3. This rythmic quality is produced by the rise and fall of the sounds whcih suggest the ___________ or _______ of the poem.
  4. When the feet are put together, they make a special pattern called ______.
  5. Comparison that often uses a form of to be
  1. a action or mood
  2. b Iambus
  3. c Limeracks
  4. d meter
  5. e metaphor

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  1. hyperbole
  2. simile
  3. M
  4. personification
  5. alliteration

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  1. Simile or Metaphor (S or M)----- Fast as a cheetahM


  2. Through __________ we delight in a field of daffadils, pherhaps see a sandpiper dancing across the wet sand, or gaze a heaven. (somthing in a poem you can see)Visual Imagery


  3. Through _______________ we hear the pounding stir, the song of a thrush, a voice from history. (It is in a poem and you can hear it)Visual Imagery


  4. Traditional poems have _______ and ________.stressed and unstressed.


  5. AABBA is an example of a ______________. (has star)*rhyme scheme


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