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  1. long-arm jurisdiction
  2. migratory divorce
  3. counterclaim
  4. Divorce a Vinculo Martimonii
  5. divorce
  1. a a divorce obtained in a state to which one or both spouses traveled before returning to their original state
  2. b a claim made by a defendant against a plaintiff.
  3. c a court declaration that a validly entered marriage is dissolved
  4. d the personal jurisdiction that a state acquires over a nonresident defendant because of his or her purposeful contact with the state.
  5. e An absolute divorce. The parties are no longer married. They are free to remarry.

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  1. the state in which a support case is filed in order to forward it to another statae (called the responding state ) for enforcement proceedings under the UIFSA.
  2. the state where the child has lived with a parent for at least six consecutive months immediately before the custody case begins in court, or since birth if the child is less than six month old.
  3. income that will be assumed to be available regardless of whether it is actually available.
  4. a court order that allows a nonemployee to reach pension benefits of an employee or former employee in order to satisfy a support or other marital obligation to the nonemployee.
  5. federal courts do not have subject matter jurisdiction over divorce, alimony, or child-custody cases even if there is diversity of citizenship among the parties.

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  1. vestedfixed so that it cannot be taken away by future events or conditions; accrued so that you now have a right to present or future possession or enjoyment.


  2. no-fault groundsreasons for granting a divorce that do not require proof that either spouse committed marital wrong.


  3. estoppelstop or prevent


  4. in forma pauperissuch discord exists between the spouses that it is impossible for them to live together in a normal marital relationship


  5. dissolutionwaste, destroy, or squander


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