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  1. mediation
  2. dirty hands
  3. fornication
  4. arrearage
  5. levy
  1. a paymnets that are due, but have not been made (also called arrears.)
  2. b wrongdoing or other inappropriate behavior that would make it unfair or inequitable to allow a person to assert a right or defense he or she would normally have.
  3. c sexual intercourse between unmarried persons
  4. d The process of submitting a dispute to a third party outside the judicial system, who will help the parties reach their own resolution of the dispute. The mediator will not render a decision that resolves the dispute.
  5. e the collection or seizure of property by a marshal or sheriff with a writ of execution.

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  1. one spouse voluntarily but without justification leaves another (who does not consent to the departure) for an uninterrupted period of time with the intent not to return to resume cohabitation.
  2. a process whereby a debtor's property under the control of another is given to a third person to whom the debtor owes a debt.
  3. voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone to whom he or she is not married
  4. such discord exists between the spouses that it is impossible for them to live together in a normal marital relationship
  5. A divorce obtained in a state to which one or both spouses traveled before returning to their original state. the husband and/or wife travels (migrates) to another state in order to obtain a divorce--usually because it is procedurally easier to divorce there. he or she establishes a domicile in the state, obtains the divorce, and then returns to the "home" state, where at some point there will be an attempt to enforce the "foreign" divorce judgement. If the domicile was valid, theis divorce is entitled to full faith and credit (i.e. it must be enforced) by the home state or any other state at least with respect to the dissolution of the marriage.

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  1. guardian ad litema special guardian appointed by the court to represent the interests of another.


  2. Contested DivorceA divorce granted after the defendant appeared and disputed some or all of the claims made by the plaintiff at the divorce proceeding


  3. qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)a court order that allows a nonemployee to reach pension benefits of an employee or former employee in order to satisfy a support or other marital obligation to the nonemployee.


  4. Divorce a Vinculo Martimoniisexual intercourse between unmarried persons


  5. judicial separationfornication between tow persons who live together


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