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  1. estoppel
  2. emancipated
  3. "Quickie" Divorce
  4. dirty hands
  5. Divorce a Mensa et Thoro
  1. a a Judicial separation, a limied divorce. The parties are not free to remarry, since they are still married after receiving this kind of "divorce".
  2. b stop or prevent
  3. c A migratory divorce obtained in what is often called a divorce mill state (i.e. a state where the procedural requirements for divorce are very slight in order to encourage out-of-state citizens to some in for a divoce and while there to spend some tourist dollars.
  4. d wrongdoing or other inappropriate behavior that would make it unfair or inequitable to allow a person to assert a right or defense he or she would normally have.
  5. e Legally independent of one's parent or legal guardian.

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  1. A divorce granted by a court when only one party (the plaintiff) was present before the court. Teh court may not have had personal jurisdiction over the defendant.
  2. Both the plaintiff and the defendant appear at the hearing or other court proceeding to contest all the issues.
  3. a divorce; a court's termination of a marriage.
  4. qualified medical child support order - a court order requing that a group health plan provide benfits for the child of a parent covered under the plan.
  5. sexual intercourse between unmarried persons

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  1. summonsthe formal notice from the court that informs the defendant a lawsuit has been filed and that orders the defendant to appear and answer the allegations of the plaintiff.


  2. corroborationadditional evidence of a point beyond that offered by the person asserting the point


  3. irreconcilable differencessuch discord esists between the spouses that the marriage has undergone an irremediable breakdown.


  4. no-fault groundsthe right to make the major child rearing decisions on health, education, religion, discipline and general welfare.


  5. groundsa bill of divorcement in a Jewish divorce


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