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  1. recrimination
  2. imputed income
  3. Talak
  4. arrearage
  5. uncontested
  1. a "I divorce you" Words spoken by a husband to his wife in a Muslim divorce. It must be spoken 3 times.
  2. b not disputed; not challenged
  3. c income that will be assumed to be available regardless of whether it is actually available.
  4. d the party seeking the divorce (the plaintiff) has also committed a serious marital wrong.
  5. e paymnets that are due, but have not been made (also called arrears.)

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  1. the state where the child has lived with a parent for at least six consecutive months immediately before the custody case begins in court, or since birth if the child is less than six month old.
  2. seeking a court that will be favorable to you. traveling from court to court until you find one that will provide a favorable ruling.
  3. federal statute desgned to combat child snatching and forum shopping.
  4. a disorder suffered by some children at the center of a custody dispute. They idealize one parent while expressing hatred for the other, even though the relationship with both parents was relatively positive before the dispute.
  5. a Judicial separation, a limied divorce. The parties are not free to remarry, since they are still married after receiving this kind of "divorce".

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  1. fornicationsexual intercourse between unmarried persons


  2. judicial separationone spouse voluntarily but without justification leaves another (who does not consent to the departure) for an uninterrupted period of time with the intent not to return to resume cohabitation.


  3. adulterythe collection or seizure of property by a marshal or sheriff with a writ of execution.


  4. provocationsexual intercourse between unmarried persons


  5. getfixed so that it cannot be taken away by future events or conditions; accrued so that you now have a right to present or future possession or enjoyment.


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