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  1. collusion
  2. split custody
  3. best interest of the child
  4. Adversarial Hearing
  5. counterclaim
  1. a a standard of decision based on what would best serve the child's welfare
  2. b siblings are in the physical custody of different parents.
  3. c an agreement between spouses in a divorce proceeding that one or both will lie to the court to facilitate the obtaining of the divorce.
  4. d a claim made by a defendant against a plaintiff.
  5. e Both the plaintiff and the defendant appear at the hearing or other court proceeding to contest all the issues.

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  1. when a judgment on its merits has been rendered,the parties cannot relitigate the same dispute (i.e., the same cause of action); the parties have already had their day in court.
  2. tha legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife, which can be dissolved only by divorce or death.
  3. income that will be assumed to be available regardless of whether it is actually available.
  4. A domicile chosen by a person with the capacity to choose. A person's domicile or origin is the place of his or her birth.
  5. the collection or seizure of property by a marshal or sheriff with a writ of execution.

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  1. connivancea court declaration that a validly entered marriage is dissolved


  2. uncontestedLegally independent of one's parent or legal guardian.


  3. in forma pauperisas a poor person (allowing the waiver of court fees.)


  4. Bifurcated DivorceA case in which the dissolution of the marriage--the divorce itself--is tried separately from other issues in the marriage such as the division of property. Suppose, for example, that the parties have a bitter and complicated dispute over business assets and pension rights. Rather than waiting until these issues are resolved, the court may have the power to dissolve the marriage now in one proceeding and then resolve the economic issues in a separate proceeding. This allows the parties to get on with their lives (e.g. to marry someone else) much sooner than would otherwise be possible. A bifurcated divorce is similar to a divisible divorce in that both tell us that the divorce has separate parts. A divisible divorce means that not all parts are entitled to full faith and credit. A bifurcated divorce mean that the parts are resolved in separate proceedings.


  5. divorcea court declaration that a validly entered marriage is dissolved


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