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  1. premarital agreement
  2. summons
  3. dirty hands
  4. levy
  5. guardian ad litem
  1. a a special guardian appointed by the court to represent the interests of another.
  2. b wrongdoing or other inappropriate behavior that would make it unfair or inequitable to allow a person to assert a right or defense he or she would normally have.
  3. c the collection or seizure of property by a marshal or sheriff with a writ of execution.
  4. d the formal notice from the court that informs the defendant a lawsuit has been filed and that orders the defendant to appear and answer the allegations of the plaintiff.
  5. e a contract made by 2 individuals about to be married that can cover spousal support, property division, and related matters in the event of the separation of the parties, the death of one of them, or the dissolution of the marriage by divorce or annulment.

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  1. qualified medical child support order - a court order requing that a group health plan provide benfits for the child of a parent covered under the plan.
  2. siblings are in the physical custody of different parents.
  3. on one's own behalf. representing oneself.
  4. a declaration by a court that parties can live separate and apart even though they are still married to each other
  5. the pleading filed in response to a complaint.

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  1. exclusive, continuing jurisdictionthe authority of a court, obtained by complaince with the UCCJEA, to make all intial and modifying custody decisions in a case to the exclusion of courts in any other state.


  2. fornicationthere was an express or implied forgiveness by the innocent spouse of the marital fault committed by the other spouse.


  3. counterclaima claim made by a defendant against a plaintiff.


  4. discoverysteps that a party can take before trial to obtain information from the other side in order to prepare for settlement or trial.


  5. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA)a state law on establishing and enforcing support obligations against someone who does not live in the same state as the person to whom the support is owed.


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