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  1. Adherence of ________ Buddhism uses riddles in meditation and value simplicity
  2. The word Nirvana means?
  3. Name a few of the "common to all religions"
  4. One of the unique teachings of the Buddha is that humans do not have ________?
  5. Name and give examples of 3 higher order thinking skills, name all 6
  1. a soul
  2. b Myths, Divination, Taboo, Sacrifice, Magic, Rituals, rite of passage and ancestor veneration
  3. c Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation
  4. d Zen
  5. e To extinguish a candle

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  1. suffering
  2. Moksha
  3. Respect the ideas of Buddhahood and Nirvana
  4. Human misery and ugliness
  5. Shankara

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  1. The Upanishads teach that all beings are but expressions of ________ and that people's real problem is ________A new religion


  2. One path that Hindu devotees may follow is called Bhakti Marga, which is what?Being able to pray to any god


  3. The Bhagavad Gita, an epic poem, is about what?To extinguish a candle


  4. Buddhism spread from ________ to ________To extinguish a candle


  5. In the Vedas, more hymns are written to ________, who is the personification of ________, than to any other single godVishnu


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