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  1. Each of the 4 noble truths, focuses on the problem of what?
  2. Adherence of ________ Buddhism uses riddles in meditation and value simplicity
  3. Buddhism spread from ________ to ________
  4. Which number approximates the number of Buddhists in the world today
  5. One path that Hindu devotees may follow is called Bhakti Marga, which is what?
  1. a India to the rest of the world
  2. b Approximately 324 million
  3. c Zen
  4. d Being able to pray to any god
  5. e suffering

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  1. A new religion
  2. Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation
  3. Moksha
  4. Is reborn as a child
  5. To extinguish a candle

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  1. In the Vedas, more hymns are written to ________, who is the personification of ________, than to any other single godVishnu


  2. Because of its elaborateness and expanse, the ________ sacrifice was limited to Aryan _______Is reborn as a child


  3. Name a few of the "common to all religions"Myths, Divination, Taboo, Sacrifice, Magic, Rituals, rite of passage and ancestor veneration


  4. Siddhartha's/Gautama's father protected him from ________ when he was youngHuman misery and ugliness


  5. __________ was the god of Aryan fireAngi


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