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  1. philo-, phil-, -phile
  2. miso-, mis-
  3. photo-, phot-, -photic
  4. phago-, phag-, -phage
  5. onomato-, onom-, ono-
  1. a name; word
  2. b consume
  3. c light
  4. d hate, hater, hatred
  5. e love, loving, friendly to, fondness for, attraction to

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  1. city; method of government
  2. feeling, sensation, perception, suffering
  3. ship, sailor
  4. one, alone, single
  5. few, small; abnormally few or small

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  1. pedo-, paedo-, ped-child


  2. micro-, micr-small, tiny


  3. odonto-, -odont, -odontiatooth, teeth


  4. -phobia, -phobias, -phobicfear, extreme fear of. morbid fear of


  5. mne-, mnem-, mnesia-lung, breath


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