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  1. -oid, oidal, -ode
  2. photo-, phot-, -photic
  3. oligo-, olig-
  4. pan-, panto-, pant-
  5. micro-, micr-
  1. a light
  2. b few, small; abnormally few or small
  3. c all, every
  4. d like, resembling, similar to, form
  5. e small, tiny

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  1. consume
  2. lung, breath
  3. city; method of government
  4. thick, dense; large, massive
  5. fear, extreme fear of. morbid fear of

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  1. naus-, nau-new, recent, current, young


  2. patho-, -path-, -pathyfeeling, sensation, perception, suffering


  3. peri-aroudn, about, near, enclosing


  4. mono-, mon-one, alone, single


  5. phon-, -phone, -phonylight


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