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  1. Federal Election Commission (FEC)
  2. Ward
  3. DNC
  4. Presidential Preference Primary
  5. Liberal
  1. a only in Presidential Primary, no delegates commit to anyone so an unselected official can be voted in
  2. b look to government to solve problems, but don't support government takeover
  3. c Democratic National Committee
  4. d .
  5. e a very large Precinct

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  1. one who receives unexpected support as a candidate for nomination
  2. used to select running mate of President who is strong in some area the candidate is weak in
  3. only gets votes from delegates if it's a brokered convention, gets votes from behind the scenes and is an unexpected nominee
  4. have to be an official member of a party to vote
  5. someone who's leaving office but continues to serve for a short time even though someone has been newly selected

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  1. IncumbentDemocratic National Committee


  2. Radical Rightanti-communist, denounce any government regulation


  3. Blanket Primaryhave to be an official member of a party to vote


  4. Political Action Committees (PACS)pol arm of an interest group set up to contribute to pol campaigns


  5. Direct Primarydon't have to belong to a party to vote in a Primary, but have to choose one party


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