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  1. Reactionary
  2. Lame Duck
  3. Australian Ballot
  4. RNC
  5. Independent Voter
  1. a person with extremely conservative pol views who favors moving back to an earlier gov
  2. b Republican National Committee
  3. c someone who is not a registered member of one party
  4. d someone who's leaving office but continues to serve for a short time even though someone has been newly selected
  5. e ballot marked in secret

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  1. 5 jobs to write party platform, oversee state committee, supervise selection of candidates on national level, fund raising and organize the national convention
  2. a very large Precinct
  3. anti-communist, denounce any government regulation
  4. only in Presidential Primary, no delegates commit to anyone so an unselected official can be voted in
  5. more in primaries, consider self one political party and vote full slate of candidates for the other political party

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  1. Delegatesmiddle, majority of Americans, accept government as they find it, mind changes depending on the issue


  2. "Dark Horse" Candidateone who receives unexpected support as a candidate for nomination


  3. Closed Primarydon't have to belong to a party to vote in a Primary, but have to choose one party


  4. Split Ticket Votingvote for all of one party


  5. Moderatemore than half the votes received by a candidate


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