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  1. Right Wing
  2. Precinct
  3. Committee on Credentials
  4. Moderate
  5. Straight Ticket Voting
  1. a basic unit, do the grunt work (run polling places, count ballots), Precinct Captain is head
  2. b groups who want less government action
  3. c vote for all of one party
  4. d decides who can be in the convention
  5. e middle, majority of Americans, accept government as they find it, mind changes depending on the issue

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  1. used to select running mate of President who is strong in some area the candidate is weak in
  2. no one gets the majority in primary so the top 2 are selected and another primary is run
  3. have to be an official member of a party to vote
  4. all party members vote to choose party's candidate for election
  5. government governs best when governs least, most regulation should be state or local level

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  1. Radical Leftanti-communist, denounce any government regulation


  2. Soft Moneymoney, not regulated federal law, used by pol parties for general expenses


  3. Patronageability of a political party to distribute jobs or favors (abuse: hiring unqualified people)


  4. RNCRepublican National Committee


  5. CPAChosen in a Caucus, Picked in a Primary, Appointed; applies t becoming part of Precinct, State Committee, and National Committee


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