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  1. Patronage
  2. RNC
  3. Delegates
  4. Ideology
  5. Conservative
  1. a Republican National Committee
  2. b picked in primary, can be chosen at a state convention, picked in a primary, appointed by a state committee and go to national convention to vote on rules/regulations and the party platform
  3. c a body of ideas of the world that reflect the social needs, values and ideas of an individual group
  4. d government governs best when governs least, most regulation should be state or local level
  5. e ability of a political party to distribute jobs or favors (abuse: hiring unqualified people)

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  1. someone who's leaving office but continues to serve for a short time even though someone has been newly selected
  2. trying to arrive at a collective opinion
  3. .
  4. groups who want more government action
  5. someone who is not a registered member of one party

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  1. Liberallook to government to solve problems, but don't support government takeover


  2. Split Ticket Votingvote for some Democrats and some Republicans


  3. Favorite Sononly gets votes from delegates if it's a brokered convention, gets votes from behind the scenes and is an unexpected nominee


  4. Radical Leftanti-communist, denounce any government regulation


  5. Majoritymiddle, majority of Americans, accept government as they find it, mind changes depending on the issue


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