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  1. CPA
  2. Patronage
  3. Federal Election Commission (FEC)
  4. DNC
  5. State Committee
  1. a ability of a political party to distribute jobs or favors (abuse: hiring unqualified people)
  2. b 5 jobs to write party platform, oversee county committee, supervise selection of candidates on state level, fund raising and organize the state convention
  3. c .
  4. d Democratic National Committee
  5. e Chosen in a Caucus, Picked in a Primary, Appointed; applies t becoming part of Precinct, State Committee, and National Committee

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  1. vote for some Democrats and some Republicans
  2. groups who want less government action
  3. used to select running mate of President who is strong in some area the candidate is weak in
  4. ballot marked in secret
  5. all party members vote to choose party's candidate for election

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  1. Conservativemiddle, majority of Americans, accept government as they find it, mind changes depending on the issue


  2. Inaugurationperson currently holding office


  3. Independent Voterperson currently holding office


  4. Presidential Preference Primaryall party members vote to choose party's candidate for election


  5. Pluralityeach individual stance, makes up platform


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