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  1. Runoff Primary
  2. Crossover Voting
  3. Plank
  4. National Committee
  5. Ideology
  1. a no one gets the majority in primary so the top 2 are selected and another primary is run
  2. b 5 jobs to write party platform, oversee state committee, supervise selection of candidates on national level, fund raising and organize the national convention
  3. c more in primaries, consider self one political party and vote full slate of candidates for the other political party
  4. d each individual stance, makes up platform
  5. e a body of ideas of the world that reflect the social needs, values and ideas of an individual group

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  1. look to government to solve problems, but don't support government takeover
  2. have to be an official member of a party to vote
  3. pol arm of an interest group set up to contribute to pol campaigns
  4. all problems can be best solved by the government
  5. only gets votes from delegates if it's a brokered convention, gets votes from behind the scenes and is an unexpected nominee

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  1. Split Ticket Votingvote for some Democrats and some Republicans


  2. Political Machineanti-communist, denounce any government regulation


  3. Majoritymore than half the votes received by a candidate


  4. CPADemocratic National Committee


  5. Blanket Primaryhave to be an official member of a party to vote


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