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  1. bronchodilator BETA ADRENERGIC AGENT long acting long acting, prevention of bronchospasm, DPI
  2. bronchodilator Xanthine, iv form available , PO
  3. antiinflammatory drugs for asthma Mast cell stabiilizer, MDI avail in im , sub cut ,ID topica and po
  4. anti-inflammatory Inhaled Corticosteroid MDI intranasal avail for allergic rhinitis also avail in 110 120mcg inhalers
  5. bronchodilator Xanthine Iv and extended release avail. PO

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  1. diphenhydramine (Benadryl). (1rst generation antihistamine agent ) po, topical , iv, im and subcut forms availalso used for motion sickness, Parkinsons disease, vertigo and OTC sleep aid


  2. azelastine (astelin)decongestant intranasally also avail in drops, activates alpha adrenergic receptors of the sympathetic nervous system , nasal passages contrict drying up secretions


  3. ipratropium (atrovent)anticholinergic drug sometimes used as a decongestant


  4. fluticasone (flonase)intranasal corticosteroid, oral inhaler for asthma avail. (flovent), topical avail for dermatologic use (cutivate) hint: works to decrease inflammation in nasal passages


  5. montelukast (Singulair)antiinflammatory drugs for asthma Leukotriene, PO, not for acute bronchospasms also for allergic rhinitis


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