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  1. Erythrocytes
  2. Blood 90%
  3. Skin color
  4. face
  5. Fibrous cartilage
  1. a Red blood cells, carry oxygen, contains hemoglobin, makes your RBC
  2. b melanin
  3. c water; transport
  4. d more collagen, between backbone
  5. e part of head, 14 bones

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  1. cell body, contains nucleus and organelle
  2. flexing foot towards ankle
  3. shaped like rectangles, rest of your glands, lining your small intestines
  4. very outside layer, layer of dead cells
  5. 14 bones, knee to ankle

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  1. claviclepart of pectoral girdle, collar bones, 2 bones


  2. Scapularconnects organs to organs; organs to the side of your body, keeps your body up


  3. Nodes of ranviersmall ears, less heat loss


  4. Dendritesphagocytosis


  5. Tendonconnects muscle to bone


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