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  1. Ossification
  2. Canaliculi
  3. Melanocytes
  4. Unstriated smooth muscle
  5. Fibrinogen
  1. a hardening, changes cartilage to bone
  2. b unstriped, voluntary
  3. c melanin cells
  4. d helps your blood clot
  5. e tiny canals, connect haversion canal to osteocytes

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  1. some muscle fibers in each fiber. stay contracted
  2. fine coat of hair that covers the fetus up to eight months of pregnancy
  3. soles of feet turned in
  4. part of head, 14 bones
  5. ischium, ilium, pubis, 3 bones

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  1. Atlassome muscle fibers in each fiber. stay contracted


  2. Reticular layerbones in your hands


  3. Muscle relaxationmore ATP to break down calcium to troponin and put it back into the sacks


  4. Radius and Ulnaparts of pectoral girdle, 4 bones


  5. I bandcenter myosine


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