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  1. Eversion
  2. Radius and Ulna
  3. Eumelanin
  4. Transverse foramen
  5. Adduction
  1. a blown/black
  2. b soles of feet turned out
  3. c parts of pectoral girdle, 4 bones
  4. d allows arteries and veins to pass through
  5. e back to side of body

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  1. dermis, ridges and grooves, fingerprints
  2. increase strength of the contraction
  3. Red blood cells, carry oxygen, contains hemoglobin, makes your RBC
  4. shaped like a cube, in some glands, and kidneys
  5. liquid portion of blood

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  1. Skeletonstructure, protection, movement, makes blood cells, stores calcium and phosphate


  2. Lacunaepart of vertebral column, 5 bones, back


  3. Carpalswrist bone


  4. Humerusreduce friction between parts of the body


  5. Purkinje fibersact like neurons


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