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  1. Skeletal muscle
  2. Osteocytes
  3. What destroys red blood cells
  4. Vertebrae foramen
  5. Cuboinal Epithelial tissue
  1. a destroyed by lived and spleen
  2. b allows spinal cord to pass through
  3. c shaped like a cube, in some glands, and kidneys
  4. d rings
  5. e attached to bones, voluntary, striated, parallel fibers, multi-nucleated

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  1. ossicles
  2. butt bones
  3. change our metabolic rate, exchange heat with environment
  4. structure, protection, movement, makes blood cells, stores calcium and phosphate
  5. Sternum

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  1. Synovial membranefluid, lubrication and cushioning


  2. Axispart of head, 14 bones


  3. Tetanytime it takes for the impulse to reach


  4. Epidermissquamous epithelial tissue, water proof


  5. Skin receptorhypothalamus


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