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  1. Haversion canal
  2. Skin color
  3. Cartilage
  4. Pronation
  5. Epidermis
  1. a first layer, nerves, blood capillaries
  2. b Chrondocytes and matrix, more flexible than bone, less calcium, white color, translucent
  3. c melanin
  4. d squamous epithelial tissue, water proof
  5. e palms turned down

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  1. increase strength of the contraction
  2. cell body, contains nucleus and organelle
  3. shaped like a cube, in some glands, and kidneys
  4. wrist bone
  5. one layer that looks like more layers

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  1. Myoneural junctionshort to fat


  2. Tarsalsgroup of cells all doing the same function


  3. Muscle relaxationblood capillaries


  4. Connective tissuefew cells and matrix, nonliving materials


  5. Pelvic girdle62 bones, hips to toes


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