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  1. Atlas
  2. Muscle relaxation
  3. Canaliculi
  4. Agranular
  5. Squamous Epithelial tissue
  1. a more ATP to break down calcium to troponin and put it back into the sacks
  2. b holds the head
  3. c tiny canals, connect haversion canal to osteocytes
  4. d made in bone marrow but mature in the lymph system
  5. e flat one dimensional cells, found in skin, lines the openings

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  1. part of vertebral column, 5 bones, back
  2. released when you break a bone
  3. 1 sustained contraction
  4. allows arteries and veins to pass through
  5. fat and dark

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  1. No mitochondriadoesn't use oxygen that it is carrying


  2. 2 bonessome muscle fibers in each fiber. stay contracted


  3. Eumelaninblown/black


  4. Life of Red Blood Cells120 days


  5. Eversionsoles of feet turned out


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