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  1. venial
  2. vaunted
  3. aegis
  4. patent
  5. scrupulous
  1. a (n) sponsorship
  2. b (adj) easily excused or forgiven
  3. c (adj) obvious
  4. d (adj) extremely thorough
  5. e (adj) boasted about

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  1. (adj) concerned
  2. (n) one who is indifferent to pleasure or pain
  3. (n) very small amount of money
  4. (n) simple man-made object of archaeological interest
  5. (v) give up voluntarily

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  1. beholden(v) surpass


  2. definitive(adj) conclusive


  3. taciturn(adj) obvious


  4. personification(n) the attribution of human speech or feeling to an inanimate object


  5. correlation(n) relationship


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