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  1. venial
  2. definitive
  3. personification
  4. stoic
  5. vanguard
  1. a (n) leading position in a trend or movement
  2. b (n) one who is indifferent to pleasure or pain
  3. c (n) the attribution of human speech or feeling to an inanimate object
  4. d (adj) conclusive
  5. e (adj) easily excused or forgiven

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  1. (adj) concerned
  2. (n) cliche
  3. (v) lessen or relieve
  4. (n) simple man-made object of archaeological interest
  5. (n) relationship

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  1. taciturn(adj) laconic


  2. waive(v) to decrease gradually


  3. vaunted(v) to decrease gradually


  4. ulterior(adj) concealed


  5. skulk(n) one who is indifferent to pleasure or pain


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