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  1. slow (B) pain
  2. thermoreceptor
  3. fast (A) pain
  4. golgi tendon organ
  5. bulboid corpuscle
  1. a division of the free nerve ending, feel sharp, intense, and localized pain
  2. b aching and persistent pain
  3. c activates relative changes in temperature
  4. d keep muscles from excessive contraction
  5. e (crousy end bulb) involved with touch and low frequency vibrations

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  1. when the receptor potential decreases and the intensity of the sensation decreases
  2. activated when "deformed"; hearing and equilibrium
  3. if the muscle stretch exceeds a certain limit
  4. located in the hypothalamus; activated by change in concentration of electrolytes
  5. (ruffini corpuscle) located deep in the dermis, immediate and persistent touch, secondary temp. receptors

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  1. lamellar corpuscle(Pacini corpuscle) large, respond to deep pressure, high frequency vibrations and stretch


  2. general sense organkeep muscles from excessive contraction


  3. tactile diskincapsulated nerve ending; immediate touch and low frequency vibrations, located in hairless areas


  4. photoreceptorfound only in the eye; respond to light stimuli if intensity is great enough to generate receptor potential


  5. muscle spindlesmell, taste, vision, hearing, equilibrium


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