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  1. Bonne chance!
  2. Bon voyage!
  3. un passeport
  4. Tu prends...?
  5. un billet de train
  1. a Have a good trip!
  2. b a train ticket
  3. c Are you taking...?
  4. d Good luck!
  5. e a passport

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  1. I thought of everything
  2. Have fun!
  3. Have a good vacation!
  4. a suitcase
  5. some gifts

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  1. Tu n'as pas oublié...?You didn't forget...?


  2. Tu ne peux pas partir sans...You didn't forget...?


  3. un parapluian umbrella


  4. Je n'ai rien oubliéI didn't forget anything


  5. un cadeaua gift


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