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  1. mechanism by which humans contract animal borne viruses
  2. 2 main animal borne viruses in the US
  3. arbovirus
  4. Rabies virus transmission
  5. Complexities of arboviruses
  1. a Viruses are usually shed in the feces and urine of the endemic host animal its humans acquire the virus by inhalation of the dried fecal matter or urine
    -rabies can spread this way but most known for being spread by animal bites
  2. b -Mosquito borne viruses must be able to replicate at ambient temperatures in the mosquito as well as that host body temperatures
    -this suggests a very broad host range
  3. c Rabies
    sin nombre
  4. d 1. Patient gets bitten by and in fact dead skunk, Fox, bat, raccoon, dog, cat
    2. virus replicates in muscle tissue at the site of the bite and spread to local nerve cells
    3. travels via retrograde transport to CNS and replicates in the gray matter virus
    4. virus will also spread to salivary glands via nerves
  5. e -Arthropod borne
    -can be transmitted by bloodsucking arthropods including tics, sand flies, and mosquitoes

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  1. -Introduced into the bloodstream by infected insects
    -viral replication in reticuloendothelial system in vascular epithelium
    -secondary viremia can seed target organs
  2. -Encephalitis
    -hemorrhagic fevers
    -arthritis or arthralgias
  3. Yellow fever and dengue fever
    -it is important to take a good travel history as part of your exam
    -also consider recommending vaccines for people traveling to specific areas around the globe
  4. Primarily along the Mississippi River extending as far eastward as black earth
  5. 1. Hibernating small animals
    2. transovarial transmission in arthropods = ticks and mosquitoes
    3. asymptomatic animal host with chronic infections

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  1. Encephalitis-rabdovirus
    -Causes encephalitis
    - primary vectors are skunks, raccoons, foxes, bats, and dogs


  2. Other important animal borne viruses-Diagnosis of lassa and Ebola are only done by reference centers in the CDc (requires BL4 containment lab)
    -hantavirus is diagnosed by serology
    -rabies is diagnosed using immunohistochemistry on autopsied brain tissue


  3. Negri bodiesEosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion body found in nerves and characteristic of rabies


  4. Role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of dengue hemorrhagic feverLiver disrupts production of clotting factors leading to bleeding
    -black vomit can also be seen


  5. sylvan cycle transmission patternMosquitoes to humans and back to mosquitoes
    -humans are considered endemic hosts


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