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  1. 2 main animal borne viruses in the US
  2. sylvan cycle for yellow fever
  3. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
  4. Rabies vaccine
  5. Viruses with animal vectors
  1. a -Killed vaccine for humans
    -live attenuated vaccine for animals
    -vaccine recommended for high-risk people (veterinarians, postexposure)
    -rabies immunoglobulin use for postexposure prophylaxis (must must must be started before patient is symptomatic)
  2. b Mosquito to monkey and back to mosquito
    -humans are incidental
  3. c Rabies
    sin nombre
  4. d Rabies
  5. e Caused by the sin nombre virus
    -mechanism of infection is inhalation of dried rodent urine and feces
    -target organ = lungs → pulmonary edema
    -little inflammation, necrosis, or cytopathic effect
    -mortality rate is 76%

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  1. -Seen in Colorado tick fever
    -transmission pattern: small animals→ ticks→ other tics → back to small animals
    -humans are incidental
  2. Liver disrupts production of clotting factors leading to bleeding
    -black vomit can also be seen
  3. High fever and bleeding are the primary symptoms
    -mortality rates can be as high as 80%
    -bleeding is due to multiple mechanisms depending on the virus
  4. -Encephalitis
    -hemorrhagic fevers
    -arthritis or arthralgias
  5. Encephalitis

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  1. dead end or incidental hostsThe incidence of infection is much higher than the number of people that develop clinical symptoms
    -for every person that develops West Nile encephalitis there are approximately 150 people who are infected


  2. Encephalitis-Patient develops confusion, lethargy, difficulty maintaining balance, and speech difficulties
    -fever is often seen
    -some viruses have just a fever malaise as the predominant presentation and can be self-limiting


  3. mechanism by which humans contract animal borne virusesIn most cases the endemic host animal is not killed by the virus; however rabies virus is the exception
    -viruses can be highly legal to humans


  4. Example the virus that causes arthritis or arthralgia1. Patient gets bitten by and in fact dead skunk, Fox, bat, raccoon, dog, cat
    2. virus replicates in muscle tissue at the site of the bite and spread to local nerve cells
    3. travels via retrograde transport to CNS and replicates in the gray matter virus
    4. virus will also spread to salivary glands via nerves


  5. Sylvan cycleOccurs when the virus is maintained between the mosquito and humans without another animal reservoir middleman. Something that could be maintained in an entirely urban area.
    -Examples = yellow fever and dengue virus


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