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  1. endemic host animal and animal borne viruses
  2. 6 vectorborne virus is endemic to the US
  3. Mechanism of yellow fever hemorrhagic sequelae
  4. 4 predominant syndromes caused by viruses transmitted by animals
  5. enhancing antibody
  1. a -Encephalitis
    - fever with uremic syndrome
    -pulmonary syndrome
    -hemorrhagic fever
  2. b In most cases the endemic host animal is not killed by the virus; however rabies virus is the exception
    -viruses can be highly legal to humans
  3. c Liver disrupts production of clotting factors leading to bleeding
    -black vomit can also be seen
  4. d Western equine encephalitis
    Eastern equine encephalitis
    St. Louis encephalitis
    California Bunyaviruses (including La Crosse encephalitis)
    Colorado tick fever
    West Nile virus
    -sometimes the Venezuelan equine virus is also seen in the US
  5. e Antibody made to the viral serotype encountered during the initial infection which ends up being not only useless at clearing a 2nd infection from a different serotype but also harmful to the host

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  1. Occurs when the virus is maintained between the mosquito and humans without another animal reservoir middleman. Something that could be maintained in an entirely urban area.
    -Examples = yellow fever and dengue virus
  2. -lassa virus -arena virus (Small rodents)
    -marburg virus - filovirus (Rodents/monkeys)
    - Ebola - filovirus (rodents/monkey)
    * all of these cause hemorrhagic fever
  3. High fever and bleeding are the primary symptoms
    -mortality rates can be as high as 80%
    -bleeding is due to multiple mechanisms depending on the virus
  4. Eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion body found in nerves and characteristic of rabies
  5. Encephalitis

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  1. 2 main animal borne viruses in the USRabies
    sin nombre


  2. Rabies virus transmission-This is rare; although West Nile has been transmitted through blood transfusion


  3. Hantavirus pulmonary syndromeCaused by the sin nombre virus
    -mechanism of infection is inhalation of dried rodent urine and feces
    -target organ = lungs → pulmonary edema
    -little inflammation, necrosis, or cytopathic effect
    -mortality rate is 76%


  4. dead end or incidental hostsThe incidence of infection is much higher than the number of people that develop clinical symptoms
    -for every person that develops West Nile encephalitis there are approximately 150 people who are infected


  5. viruses employing the sylvan cycle-Western equine encephalitis
    -Eastern equine encephalitis
    -lacrosse encephalitis
    -West Nile


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