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  1. Constantine
  2. Francis of Assisi
  3. Black Death
  4. Pope Gregory VII
  5. Queen Isabella
  1. a In 1073a new pope came to power in Rome
  2. b Married Ferdinand in 1469 and later became queen
  3. c He was the emperor after Diocletian left power and he reunited the two halves of the Roman empire for a short period
  4. d A deadly plague that swept through Europe between 1347 and 1351
  5. e Franciscans named for their founders Dominic de Guzman and____________

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  1. The large estate owned by a knight or lord was _________
  2. A knight who promised to support a lord in exchange for land.
  3. An organization of priests that look for and punish anyone in spain suspected of secretly practicing their old religion
  4. In 1066 he and his knights sailed to England and defeated the english king and he became king.
  5. Is the Dominican philosopher

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  1. MonasteriesPictures made with pieces of colored stone or glass


  2. SaladinThe landmass that include both Europe and Asia


  3. King FerdinandHe married Queen isabella in 1469 and later became king


  4. MosaicsPictures made with pieces of colored stone or glass


  5. Byzantine EmpireThe society that developed in the eastern Roman empireafter the west fell was called __________


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