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  1. King Richard I
  2. Diocletian
  3. Manor
  4. Emperor Henry IV
  5. Clovis
  1. a He was the king of the Franks by the 480s. He had built a huge kingdom in Gaul. He was also one of the most powerful of all the German kings
  2. b The large estate owned by a knight or lord was _________
  3. c He was the only one that stayed in the holy land
  4. d He took power in the late 200s
  5. e Trouble arose when Gregory disapproved of a bishop chosen by the whole Roman

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  1. This document listing rights that the king could not ignore
  2. The landmass that include both Europe and Asia
  3. Human made channels that carried water from distant mountain ranges into Rome or other cities
  4. He was a brilliant warrior and a very strong king.
  5. Europeans called their code of honorable behavior for knights.

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  1. King FerdinandHe married Queen isabella in 1469 and later became king


  2. Pope Urban IIIn 1073a new pope came to power in Rome


  3. HersheyReligious ideas that opposed accepted the church teaching are called ______________


  4. CorruptionThe decay of peoples value


  5. Holy LandThe place where jesus had lived, preached, and died.


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