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  1. Hershey
  2. William the Conqueror
  3. Holy Land
  4. Corruption
  5. Citizens
  1. a The place where jesus had lived, preached, and died.
  2. b Religious ideas that opposed accepted the church teaching are called ______________
  3. c In 1066 he and his knights sailed to England and defeated the english king and he became king.
  4. d The people who could participate in the government
  5. e The decay of peoples value

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  1. This document listing rights that the king could not ignore
  2. Is a group of people who didicate their lives to religion and follow common rules.
  3. Europeans called their code of honorable behavior for knights.
  4. He was an emperor who ruled from 527 to 565 and reuniting the empire was his passion
  5. Refers to the shape and elevation of the land in a region

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  1. KnightsPeople who belonged to religious order but lived and worked among the general public


  2. Natural LawA law governed how the world operated and its called _____________


  3. MonksWere religious men who lived apart from society in isolated communities


  4. AqueductsHuman made channels that carried water from distant mountain ranges into Rome or other cities


  5. HaikuWere religious men who lived apart from society in isolated communities


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