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  1. Emperor Henry IV
  2. Religious Order
  3. Reconquista
  4. Manor
  5. Corruption
  1. a The decay of peoples value
  2. b Efforts to retake Spain from the Moors
  3. c Trouble arose when Gregory disapproved of a bishop chosen by the whole Roman
  4. d Is a group of people who didicate their lives to religion and follow common rules.
  5. e The large estate owned by a knight or lord was _________

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  1. Warriors who fought on horse back
  2. The people who could participate in the government
  3. The place where jesus had lived, preached, and died.
  4. Religious ideas that opposed accepted the church teaching are called ______________
  5. In 1073a new pope came to power in Rome

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  1. HaikuA short three-lined poems of 17 syllables that describes nature scenes.


  2. AugustasRome's first emperor


  3. ConstantineThe decay of peoples value


  4. Magna CartaThis document listing rights that the king could not ignore


  5. CrusadesPictures made with pieces of colored stone or glass


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