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  1. Knights
  2. King Richard I
  3. Justinian
  4. Serfs
  5. Eurasia
  1. a Warriors who fought on horse back
  2. b The landmass that include both Europe and Asia
  3. c He was the only one that stayed in the holy land
  4. d He was an emperor who ruled from 527 to 565 and reuniting the empire was his passion
  5. e workers who were tied to the landon which they lived

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  1. Historians call this system of promises that governed the relationship between lords and vassals
  2. He was the leader of the Huns and he was a brilliant leader and a scary enemy
  3. He was the emperor after Diocletian left power and he reunited the two halves of the Roman empire for a short period
  4. In 1073a new pope came to power in Rome
  5. Refers to the shape and elevation of the land in a region

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  1. MedievalEuropeans called their code of honorable behavior for knights.


  2. HaikuA short three-lined poems of 17 syllables that describes nature scenes.


  3. Black DeathMost European monasteries followed a set of rules created in the early 500s by an Italian monk


  4. MonasteriesPictures made with pieces of colored stone or glass


  5. Pope Urban IIIn 1073a new pope came to power in Rome


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