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  1. 7th Amendment
  2. Strict Liability
  3. False Imprisonment
  4. In Personam
  5. Implied Consent
  1. a 1. The ability to bring forth a civil cause of action or suit
    2. The damage claim must be $20 or greater
  2. b The intentional placing one without reasonable means of ingress or egress
  3. c 1. Diversity of citizenship: reside in different states - minimum contacts, nexus
    2. Amount in controversy is over $75,000
  4. d 1. Liability without fault
    2. The plaintiff's party doesn't need to proof its burden of proof - just need to prove it happened
    3. Animals (domestic and wild); ultra hazardous/abnormally dangerous; product liability
  5. e Through gestures, not directly said or written

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  1. 1. Money
    2. Monetary Compensation
    3. Loss of profits
    4. Breach of contracts
  2. The trespatory taking and asportation of the personal property of another while in lawful custody or posession
  3. The media must exercise reasonable care or due diligence in their findings with the source in order to have a viable defense
  4. Always a legal defense (not murder); didn't choose to take drugs or alcohol
  5. 1. Preponderance of evidence
    2. Clear and convincing evidence

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  1. Private NecessityFL - False Light: Putting someone in false light
    I - Intrusion into Seclusion/Solitude: Not being able to enjoy your home
    C - Commercial Appropriation: Using your likeness without your consent
    D - Public Disclosure of Private Fact: Fiduciaries (doctors, priests, etc.) are expected not to divulge anything


  2. ForgeryThe trespatory taking and asportation of the personal property of another


  3. Defenses to Intentional Torts1. Necessity
    2. Self-defense
    3. Defense of others
    4. Defense of property
    5. Consent
    6. Shopkeeper's Privilege


  4. Friends of the Earth v. CCPCI: Does FOE have standing to bring a suit against La Gloria?
    R: To demonstrate that FOE's members have a standing, FOE must show that the injury is "fairly traceable" to the defendant's actions
    A: FOE offered no competent evidence that La Gloria's discharges made their way to Lake Palestine - they were only relying on the fact that water flows downstream
    C: The US Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court's decision that FOE lacked standing


  5. Modern Law Statutory RapeThe unlawful carnal knowledge of any person without consent


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