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  1. Personal Jurisdiction
  2. Libel
  3. Robbery
  4. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
  5. Friends of the Earth v. CCPC
  1. a The trespatory taking and asportation of the personal property of another by force, fear, or intimidation
    -Only common law, not modern law
  2. b Extreme and outrageous conduct calculated to cause and causes emotional distress
  3. c I: Does FOE have standing to bring a suit against La Gloria?
    R: To demonstrate that FOE's members have a standing, FOE must show that the injury is "fairly traceable" to the defendant's actions
    A: FOE offered no competent evidence that La Gloria's discharges made their way to Lake Palestine - they were only relying on the fact that water flows downstream
    C: The US Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court's decision that FOE lacked standing
  4. d Permanent defamation, that has a higher damage claim than slander
  5. e 1. In Personam
    2. In Rem

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  1. Heat of passion, sudden snap
  2. 1. Complaint
    2. Informing the defendant
    3. Discovery and depositions (verbal) vs. interrogatories (written)
    4. Charges and causes of action
    5. Summary judgment
    6. Jury selection and voir dire
  3. Guilty state of mind
  4. 1. Comparative Negligence
    2. Contributory Negligence
    3. Assumption of the risk
  5. Lack the mental capacity to know the difference between right and wrong

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  1. Modern Law BurglaryThe breaking and entering into any structure at any time, with the specific intent to commit a crime therein


  2. Modern Law ArsonThe malicious burning of any structure


  3. Absolute Defense (Defamation)One may use both deadly or non-deadly force where the other was also privileged to use the same amount of force, protecting the victim, not the wrongdoer


  4. 8th Amendment1. The ability to bring forth a civil cause of action or suit
    2. The damage claim must be $20 or greater


  5. Insanity1. Irresistible Impulse
    2. Majority Rule


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