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  1. Deportment
  2. Spiritualist
  3. Pious
  4. Copse
  5. Astound
  1. a A small group of trees
  2. b (Behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people
  3. c Someone who holds the view that spirit is a prime element of reality
  4. d Devoutly religious
  5. e To surprise; to amaze

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  1. Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid; dregs.
  2. Strict, precise, and exacting
  3. A medicine used to relieve pain
  4. Having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner.
  5. Unwilling; reluctant

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  1. IrrespectiveUnwilling; reluctant


  2. BastionA fortified area or position


  3. VerandahA roofed platform along the outside of a house, level with the ground floor.


  4. EnamoredMarked by foolish or unreasoning fondness


  5. IndulgeTo make confused : puzzle, bewilder


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