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  1. i. Colonists boycotted British goods
    ii. Stopped drinking British tea
    iii. Refused to paint houses
  2. taxation; representation
  3. i. Heated arguments between colonists and soldiers
    ii. Shots were fired and 5 colonists died - Crispus Attucks was one
  4. thread; cloth
  5. i. Spread information between colonies more quickly
    ii. Asked other members to protest British policies

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  1. Colonists began to boycott what?British goods


  2. Who organized the first Committee of Correspondence?Samuel Adams


  3. _________ & __________of _______worked against _________Sons & Daughters Liberty; taxes taxes


  4. By 1770 how many British soldiers were in the colonies? How many were in Boston?9,000/4000


  5. Stamp Act1767 tax on imports


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