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  1. arraignment
  2. actus reus
  3. 5th amendment
  4. duress
  5. larceny
  1. a threat of immediate danger
  2. b permanently steal
  3. c formal reading of charges
  4. d right to remain silent and protection against double jeopardy
  5. e unlawful act

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  1. agreement by defendant to plead guilty in exchange for lesser charge or fixed punishment
  2. right to challenge basis for incarceration
  3. suspect must be informed of his constitutional rights before he can validly wave them
  4. punishable by fines
  5. right to notice of charges, right to confrontation, right to speedy trial by jury, right to counsel

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  1. misdemeanora criminal charge filed by a grand jury


  2. right to confrontationright to have witnesses testify in front of you


  3. right to counselright to have witnesses testify in front of you


  4. feloniesrequired criminal intent


  5. money launderingusing legit business to disguise source of illegal profits


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