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Business Law CHAPTER 6 Test

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  1. robbery
  2. larceny
  3. miranda rights
  4. mens rea
  5. disclosure
  1. a required criminal intent
  2. b suspect must be informed of his constitutional rights before he can validly wave them
  3. c process of gathering info prior to trial in criminal case
  4. d steal with force or threat of force
  5. e permanently steal

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. breaking or entering a building with intent to commit a crime inside
  2. formal reading of charges
  3. threat of immediate danger
  4. protection against unreasonable search and seizure
  5. punishable by up to life in prison

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  1. 6th amendmentprotection against unreasonable search and seizure


  2. infractionspunishable by fines


  3. exclusionary ruleevidence illegally obtained by police is inadmissible in a criminal trial


  4. money launderingusing legit business to disguise source of illegal profits


  5. right to confrontationright to have witnesses testify in front of you


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