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  1. What are the function and contraindications of antirheumatic herbs?
  2. Aromatic dampness resolving herbs are cooked for how long?
  3. What is the nature and function of Wei Ling Xian (Rx. Clematidis)?
  4. What happens when dry frying with ginger?
  5. How does one take a powder (San)?
  1. a Nature: pungent, salty and warm
    function: unblocks the channels, relieves pain, and dispels wind/cold/damp; dissolves fish bones in throat
  2. b function: dispel wind, cold, damp from channels.
    they can deplete yin and blood, so careful when deficient
  3. c enhance herbs ability to warm stomach and stop vomiting
  4. d about 1 spoonful, add water and drink.
  5. e No longer than 10 min

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  1. weight; and is 1 part herb to 5 parts alcohol (the herb still needs to be covered by solvent so add till it is)
  2. can involve any of lg joints; may come with fever and chills in early stage; diaphortics are tx for wind bi.
  3. wind, cold, and damp that stagnate in the channels and causes arthralgia (joint pain).
  4. antirheumatic herb and powerful pain reliever
  5. severe fixed pain made worse by cold and relieved by heat; joints are cold to touch; tx involves warming meridians and dispelling wind/cold/damp.

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  1. Pale face, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, epigastric and abdominal pain, patient prefers heat, no appetite, aching limbs, pulse is tense and tongue has white coat are symptoms of what?excess cold that invades the middle jiao disrupting T&T in stomach and spleen.


  2. What are pills used for?chronic issues (they are mild and slow in action)


  3. Can light breakdown a tincture?yes


  4. If your prescription is to tonify or enrich the body when would you take the decoction?one hour after a meal


  5. How do you make syrup?put herbs into a glass container, slowly cover herbs with solvent entirely, add an inch or 2 more solvent, seal jar tightly and store in dark place, shake jar daily, when ready pour thru cheesecloth into dark tincutre bottle, squeeze herbs till last drop store with label and lid.


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