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  1. For most dry plant matter what is the best proof of alcohol to use?
  2. Pills (Wan) are made how?
  3. Antirheumatic herbs work on 3 levels of the body? (often Bi syndrome can affect more than one level)
  4. What are the solvents that can be used in tinctures?
  5. What are cinnamon sticks good for?
  1. a 1. superficial muscle layer
    2. channel layer
    3. tendon and bone layer
  2. b 80 proof (like vodka or rum)
  3. c water, oil, glycerin, vinegar or alcohol.
  4. d by combining herb powder with a binding agent like honey
  5. e warming body and re-ignites ming men fire.

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  1. Nature: pungent and warm
    Channel: Spleen and kidney
  2. 30 grams
  3. numbness and fixed pain in joint with swelling and difficulty stretching; tx involves transforming damp and strengthening spleen
  4. salt, honey, vinegar, wine, ginger
  5. decoction (Tang)

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  1. Powders are how many times more concentrated than raw herbs?5 times (also more easily absorbed and stored; used for chronic issues)


  2. What is the nature and function of Wei Ling Xian (Rx. Clematidis)?Nature: pungent, salty and warm
    function: unblocks the channels, relieves pain, and dispels wind/cold/damp; dissolves fish bones in throat


  3. What are the 2 types of interior cold syndrome?can injure the yin body fluids; use with caution in patients deficient of yin , blood, or body fluids.


  4. If wind predominates it's called?Cold Bi (the pain is severe and aching)


  5. When do you generally take the decoction?one hour after a meal


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