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  1. Wei Ling Xian (Rx. Clematidis)?
  2. 1 Qian is equal to?
  3. Why do we cover the herb completely with the solvent?
  4. Some believe that its very beneficial to take the decoction when?
  5. Interior warming herbs do what?
  1. a 3 grams
  2. b before going to sleep
  3. c to prevent spoilage
  4. d warm the interior and dispel cold
  5. e antirheumatic herb and powerful pain reliever

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  1. 1-2 times (just ad fresh water to pot and re-boil)
  2. Damp Bi (pain is heavy, fixed and swelling of joint)
  3. pain, numbness, swollen joints, heavy sensation of 4 limbs, and difficulty bending and stretching (Bi syndrome)
  4. Nature: pungent and hot
    Functions: warms the spleen and kidney yang; warms the channels and dispels cold. (powerful pain reliever & tx for chronic diarrhea)
  5. inconsistent due to where grown, cooking times can vary, can irritate patient stomach, storing can bring bugs and take space

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  1. What are cinnamon sticks good for?warming body and re-ignites ming men fire.


  2. Pale face, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, epigastric and abdominal pain, patient prefers heat, no appetite, aching limbs, pulse is tense and tongue has white coat are symptoms of what?excess cold that invades the middle jiao disrupting T&T in stomach and spleen.


  3. For most dry plant matter what is the best proof of alcohol to use?1-2 times (just ad fresh water to pot and re-boil)


  4. Wind Bi:can involve any of lg joints; may come with fever and chills in early stage; diaphortics are tx for wind bi.


  5. When wind, cold and damp stagnate in the channels over time and turns into heat it's called?Heat Bi (redness, swelling and pain)


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