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  1. What is a tincture (JowJi)?
  2. What is the nature and channel of interior warming herbs?
  3. Antirheumatic herbs work on 3 levels of the body? (often Bi syndrome can affect more than one level)
  4. 1 Qian is equal to?
  5. If your prescription is to tonify or enrich the body when would you take the decoction?
  1. a an extraction of herbal ingredients using a solvent
  2. b 1. superficial muscle layer
    2. channel layer
    3. tendon and bone layer
  3. c on an empty stomach or 1 hour before a meal
  4. d Nature: pungent and warm
    Channel: Spleen and kidney
  5. e 3 grams

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  1. Cold Bi (the pain is severe and aching)
  2. helps herb alleviate pain, clear blockage from channels and collaterals, and dispel wind.
  3. antirheumatic herb and powerful pain reliever
  4. chronic issues (they are mild and slow in action)
  5. about 1 spoonful, add water and drink.

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  1. Can light breakdown a tincture?place herbs into pot, cover with water ( if boiling for 30 min or longer add more water about an inch above), after water boils vigorously turn to simmer, stir frequently, after simmer for allotted time strain and drink.


  2. Powders are how many times more concentrated than raw herbs?5 times (also more easily absorbed and stored; used for chronic issues)


  3. How is the ratio of herb to solvent determined?weight; and is 1 part herb to 5 parts alcohol (the herb still needs to be covered by solvent so add till it is)


  4. If wind predominates it's called?Damp Bi (pain is heavy, fixed and swelling of joint)


  5. Heat Bi:pain with burning sensation, redness and swelling of joints, impaired movement and pain is relieved by cold; tx clear heat, dispel wind, and resove damp


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