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  1. Heat Bi:
  2. What are the function and contraindications of antirheumatic herbs?
  3. Antirheumatics treat what?
  4. What are the 2 types of interior cold syndrome?
  5. If your prescription is to tonify or enrich the body when would you take the decoction?
  1. a on an empty stomach or 1 hour before a meal
  2. b pain with burning sensation, redness and swelling of joints, impaired movement and pain is relieved by cold; tx clear heat, dispel wind, and resove damp
  3. c pain, numbness, swollen joints, heavy sensation of 4 limbs, and difficulty bending and stretching (Bi syndrome)
  4. d 1. excess cold that invades the middle jiao disrupting the T&T function of spleen and stomach.
    2. deficiency cold caused by yang deficiency.
  5. e function: dispel wind, cold, damp from channels.
    they can deplete yin and blood, so careful when deficient

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  1. can injure the yin body fluids; use with caution in patients deficient of yin , blood, or body fluids.
  2. water, oil, glycerin, vinegar or alcohol.
  3. helps herb alleviate pain, clear blockage from channels and collaterals, and dispel wind.
  4. can involve any of lg joints; may come with fever and chills in early stage; diaphortics are tx for wind bi.
  5. deficiency cold caused by yang deficiency.

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  1. 1 Qian is equal to?30 grams


  2. Antirheumatic herbs work on 3 levels of the body? (often Bi syndrome can affect more than one level)1. superficial muscle layer
    2. channel layer
    3. tendon and bone layer


  3. 1 Liang is equal to?3 grams


  4. What is the nature and function of Wei Ling Xian (Rx. Clematidis)?Nature: pungent, salty and warm
    function: unblocks the channels, relieves pain, and dispels wind/cold/damp; dissolves fish bones in throat


  5. What happens when dry frying with vinegar?enhance herbs ability to warm stomach and stop vomiting


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