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  1. Plebeians
  2. Plato
  3. Persian War
  4. Latifundia
  5. Solon
  1. a A group of common people.
  2. b An Athenian tutor who was taught by Socrates, but then taught Aristotle.
  3. c A large slave plantation that were very common in most parts of Italy.
  4. d A tyrannic leader who set up non-religious courts. He also forbade debt slavery, and set up a fun to buy back slaves.
  5. e Sorry, I didn't have info on this. Message me the information on Facebook, but for the time being, press enter.

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  1. A group of people who were named after King Minos. They were the first civilization of Europe. Their society was very equal, and they did not believe in warfare. They came to an end when the Mycenaeans came to power.
  2. Stone blocks posted in the city center so the citizens were able to know what the rules were.
  3. A group of elected officials who voted on important issues.
  4. A general who commanded the Carthaginian army in the second Punic War.
  5. A time in Greece where not much was known of their history.

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  1. OligarchyA system of government where the majority of the people was ruled by a king.


  2. ThemisticlesA ruler in the form of democracy who dominated for twenty years. He built the Parthenon in his reign, and changed the citizenship laws.


  3. HomerA military leader who was elected consul, and ruled with Caesar and Crassus.


  4. HoplitesThey were heavily armed Greek infantrymen who marched and fought in close ranks. Most of the recruits were middle-class citizens


  5. Roman RoadsConsisting of 53,000 miles, these concrete pathways were a necessity for traveling outside of Rome.


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