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  1. Tri-Reem
  2. Socrates
  3. Crete
  4. Gaul
  5. Hannibal
  1. a A powerful boat that would help to weaken the Persian forces. It rode very high in the water.
  2. b The place that the Minoans were settled in.
  3. c A piece of land, where the citizens were finally admitted citizenship to Rome after Caesar conquered them. (France)
  4. d A ruler who believed in reason and logic. He questioned the society and how they lived. He was brought to death after being brought to court for treason charges.
  5. e A general who commanded the Carthaginian army in the second Punic War.

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  1. A long time of peace and prosperity, and minimal expansion.
  2. A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them
  3. Greek philosopher. A pupil of Plato, the tutor of Alexander the Great, and the author of works on logic, metaphysics, ethics, natural sciences, politics, and poetics, he profoundly influenced Western thought.
  4. An Athenian tutor who was taught by Socrates, but then taught Aristotle.
  5. A group of people who were named after King Minos. They were the first civilization of Europe. Their society was very equal, and they did not believe in warfare. They came to an end when the Mycenaeans came to power.

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  1. PersiansA group of common people.


  2. ConsulsTwo officials from the patrician class were appointed each year of the Roman Republic to supervise the government and command the armies.


  3. HomerA military leader who was elected consul, and ruled with Caesar and Crassus.


  4. ThucydidesAn officer of ancient Rome elected by the plebeians to protect their rights from arbitrary acts of the patrician magistrates.


  5. Gracchus BrothersThey invaded the Roman Empire from the North and East, caused the fall of Rome.


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