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  1. Forum
  2. Dark Ages
  3. Gaul
  4. Battle of Salamis
  5. Assemblies
  1. a A time in Greece where not much was known of their history.
  2. b Its primary job was to elect the magistrates and had both Patricians and Plebeians.
  3. c A place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece
  4. d A piece of land, where the citizens were finally admitted citizenship to Rome after Caesar conquered them. (France)
  5. e A battle where the Persians lost 200 ships, but they ended up winning. They lost their whole city, but were able to weaken the Persians.

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  1. A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them
  2. In ancient Rome, the supreme governing body, originally made up only of aristocrats.
  3. The historian of the ancient days. He also wrote the history of the Peloponnesian Wars.
  4. A festival that first started out as a religious event, but later became focused on mind and body.
  5. They were heavily armed Greek infantrymen who marched and fought in close ranks. Most of the recruits were middle-class citizens

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  1. PlebeiansAn ethnic group that settled in what is now Iran. They were rivals for control of Mesopotamia with the Greeks.


  2. XerxesThe capital and largest city of Greece


  3. Germanic TribesA ruler in the form of democracy who dominated for twenty years. He built the Parthenon in his reign, and changed the citizenship laws.


  4. LatifundiaA large slave plantation that were very common in most parts of Italy.


  5. Caesar AugustusA time in Greece where not much was known of their history.


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