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Sociology Chapter 2 Test

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  1. Robin William Jr. 10 US Culture Values:
  2. Founding of permanent settlements and creation of specialized occupations in Middle East marked a turning point _____ yrs ago
  3. No "natural" way of life applies to all ____.
  4. Culture was the primary source of survival for the people of the ______.
  5. More than ____ languages spoken in the US
  1. a people
  2. b Stone Age
  3. c 12,000
  4. d 1. equal opportunity
    2. Individual achievement and personal success
    3. Material Comfort
    4. Activity and Work
    5. Practically and Efficiency
    6. Progress
    7. Science
    8. Democracy and free enterprise
    9. Freedom
    10. Racism and group superiority
  5. e 300

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  1. system of symbols allows people to communicate with one another
  2. 1. traveler can inflict cultureby offending other cultures
    2. travler experiences culture shock when meeting new people whos way of life is very different
  3. experience the world differently
  4. system of symbols allow people to communicate with one another
  5. consists of ideas created by members of a society ranges from art to Zen

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  1. Cultural Transmissionhand in hand


  2. Beliefcultural standards people use to decide what is desirable,good, beautiful and serves as guideline for social living


  3. Some of the languages around the world are decreasing as a result of:1. global economy
    2. high-technology communication
    3. international migration


  4. Societypeople who interact in a territory and share a culture


  5. Symbolspecific ideas people hold as 'true"


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