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  1. Addison's Disease
  2. achondroplasia
  3. Cushing's Sundrome
  4. Posterior Pituitary secretes
  5. Temporary Hypothyroidism
  1. a destruction of adrenal glands (2ndary to TB, fungal, or HIV)
    Rx: increase sodium intake and cortisol
  2. b excessive administration of steroid & increased gluconeogensis by liver
    Sx: truncal obesity, moon face, osteoporosis, amenorrhea, hirsutism, buffalo hump
  3. c usually spontaneous recovery, occurs after virus
  4. d ADH, Vasopressin, oxytocin
  5. e genetic defect, trunk and head are disproportionately large

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  1. autoimmune disorder; enlarged thyroid
    Sx: increased metabolic rate, tachycardia, exophthalmia
  2. bulging eyes
  3. over secretion of ADH, usually caused by a tumor
    Dx= hyponatramia & hyperosmolarity
  4. ACTH, GH, prolactin
  5. too much dopamine that inhibits prolactin
    Sx (women): galactorrhea, hirsutism,
    Sx (men): hypogonadism

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  1. Parathyroid Gland secretesACTH, GH, prolactin


  2. galactorrhealactating


  3. Thyroid CAmost commonly endocrine malignancy
    Sx: change in voice
    risk factors: exposure to radiation


  4. hirsutismabnormal hair growth


  5. Diabetes Insipidushorizontal ridges on nails


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