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  1. Beau lines
  2. Acromegaly
  3. Grave's Disease
  4. Adrenal Cortex secretes
  5. IDD (iodine deficiency disease) / endemic cretinism
  1. a MR, iodine deficiency
    Sx: dwarfed & short extremities
  2. b horizontal ridges on nails
  3. c autoimmune disorder; enlarged thyroid
    Sx: increased metabolic rate, tachycardia, exophthalmia
  4. d thickening of bones after closure of epiphyseal plate
    SX: body hair, joint pn, coarse facial features
  5. e cortisol aka stress hormone

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  1. too much dopamine that inhibits prolactin
    Sx (women): galactorrhea, hirsutism,
    Sx (men): hypogonadism
  2. usually spontaneous recovery, occurs after virus
  3. insufficient GH
  4. - behind thyroid, maintains normal calcium blood levels
    -secretes PTH
  5. ACTH, GH, prolactin

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  1. thyroid gland is responsible formetabolism


  2. Diabetes Insipidusinsufficient ADH
    Sx: polyuria, polydipsia


  3. hirsutismtoo much GH, linear bone growth prior to closure of epiphyseal plates
    Sx: HA, diplopia, & impotence


  4. Thyroid Storm- death within 48 hours
    - people thyroid problem exposed to stress
    SX: hyperthermia, delerium, NV & D, tachycardia


  5. Hyperparathyroidismlowers serum calcium levels & thyroid secretes extra PTH to compensate =extra osteoclasts, osteoporosis, kidney stones
    Rx: surgery


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