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  1. Traditional, Command, Free Market, and Mixed
  2. land, building, and materials that go into the production of the product; Cost=rent
  3. 1. What will I make?
    2. How will I make it?
    3. Who gets to buy it?
    4. How am I going to distribute my item?
  4. Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital, and Enterpernuership
  5. What you earn back.
  6. study of how we fulfill unlimited wants with limited resources

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  1. Entrepreneurshipmoney paid to use someone elses money


  2. What is Mixed a mix of?Command and Free Market


  3. limited resourcesmoney


  4. Trade-Offbuying something less expensive to meet a need


  5. Profitpersonal budget


  6. What are the 2 types of economics?Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital, and Enterpernuership


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