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  1. stupefy
  2. sate
  3. redress
  4. vacillate
  5. pique
  1. a to set right, remedy
  2. b to astound, amaze
  3. c to sway from one side to another, go back and forth
  4. d to satisfy (an appetite) fully
  5. e to provoke or cause indignation, to cause to feel resentment or indignation

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  1. to guess, infer, suppose
  2. to revise, edit
  3. to criticize, scold, reproach
  4. to soothe, ease, calm down, assuage
  5. to chew

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  1. forestallto delay, impede


  2. goadto urge, to provoke


  3. mollifyto soothe, ease, calm down, assuage


  4. repudiateto move in a smooth, wavelike motion


  5. satiateto be idle, to be still


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