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  1. rebuff
  2. saturnine
  3. raiment
  4. hapless
  5. desiccated
  1. a of a gloomy or surly disposition; cold or sluggish in mood
  2. b thoroughly dried out; divested of spirit or vitality; arid and uninteresting
  3. c clothing, garments
  4. d to snub, to repel, drive away
  5. e marked by a persistent absence of good luck

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  1. delightful, highly enjoyable; deliciously flavored, savory; an appealing or appetizing food or dish
  2. stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied way
  3. an open or intentional insult; a slight; to insult to one's face; to face in defiance, confront
  4. to frustrate, thwart, or defeat; to confuse, perplex, or embarrass
  5. to withdraw a statement or belief to which one has previously been committed, renounce, retract

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  1. requiteto make suitable repayment, as for a kindness, service, or favor; to make retaliation, as for an injury or wrong; to reciprocate


  2. contriteregretful for some misdeed or sin; plagued by a sense of guilt; thoroughly penitent


  3. reconnoiterto kill or destroy a large part of


  4. forgoa beginner, novice; one with little or no background or skill


  5. detritusan object believed to have magical powers; an object of unreasoning devotion or reverence


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