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  1. rebuff
  2. conciliate
  3. asperity
  4. bucolic
  5. jettison
  1. a to snub, to repel, drive away
  2. b to overcome the distrust of, win over; to appease, pacify; to reconcile, make consistent
  3. c to cast overboard, get rid of as unnecessary or burdensome
  4. d characteristic of the countryside, rural; relating to shepherds and cowherds, pastoral
  5. e roughness, severity: bitterness or tartness

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  1. excessively ready to find fault; given to petty criticism; intended to trap, confuse, or show up
  2. to tear down, destroy completely; to cut or scrape off or out
  3. to bring into existence, give rise to, produce; to come into existence, assume form
  4. marked by slavish attentiveness; excessively submissive, often for purely self-interested reasons
  5. given to lying or deception; untrue

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  1. vituperativeharshly abusive, severely scolding


  2. imperturbablefar to great, exceeding reasonable limits, excessive


  3. effronteryshameless boldness, impudence


  4. dilettantedelightful, highly enjoyable; deliciously flavored, savory; an appealing or appetizing food or dish


  5. paltryto calm or pacify, set to rest; to lessen or relieve


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