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  1. shibboleth
  2. rudiments
  3. chary
  4. rebuff
  5. vituperative
  1. a the parts of any subject or discipline that are learned first; the earliest stages of anything
  2. b a word, expression, or custom that distinguishes a particular group of persons from all others; a commonplace saying or truism
  3. c extremely cautious, hesitant, or slow (to); reserved, diffident
  4. d to snub, to repel, drive away
  5. e harshly abusive, severely scolding

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  1. beastlike; beastly, brutal; subhuman in intelligence and sensibility
  2. stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied way
  3. to repeal, cancel, declare null and void
  4. pertaining to beauty; sensitive or responsive to beauty
  5. aware, knowledgeable, informed; having jurisdiction

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  1. litanya prayer consisting of short appeals to God recited by the leader alternating with responses from the congregation; any repetitive chant; a long list


  2. echelonlight, airy, delicate; highly refined; suggesting what is heavenly (rather than earthbound)


  3. paroxysma beginner, novice; one with little or no background or skill


  4. paltrytrifling, insignificant; mean, despicable


  5. efficacyno longer in existence or functioning, dead


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