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  1. importune
  2. delectable
  3. laconic
  4. luminous
  5. mendacious
  1. a to trouble with demands; to beg for insistently
  2. b concise, using few words
  3. c emitting or reflecting light, glowing; illuminating
  4. d delightful, highly enjoyable; deliciously flavored, savory; an appealing or appetizing food or dish
  5. e given to lying or deception; untrue

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  1. to express mild disapproval; to belittle
  2. to cast off, discard; to get rid of something objectionable or unnecessary; to plod through as if through mud; (n) a mire; a state of depression
  3. blunt, not coming to a point; slow or a dull in understanding; measuring between 90 and 180; not causing a sharp impression
  4. to bring into existence, give rise to, produce; to come into existence, assume form
  5. to cast overboard, get rid of as unnecessary or burdensome

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  1. pedantrya pretentious display of knowledge; overly rigid attention to rules and details


  2. onerousburdensome; involving hardship or difficulty


  3. imperturbablelasting only a short time, short-lived


  4. aestheticroughness, severity: bitterness or tartness


  5. desiccatedto kill or destroy a large part of


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