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  1. What was the name of the passenger liner that was sunk with American's on board?
  2. What was included in the Treaty of Versailles?
  3. What 1916 campaign slogan did Wilson run under?
  4. Who was the American General during WWI?
  5. What did the Zimmerman telegram arouse?
  1. a The self-determination plank from the Fourteen Points
  2. b "He kept us out at war."
  3. c American patriotism in the West against the Germans.
  4. d John J. Pershing
  5. e Lusitania

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  1. Armistice
  2. Alvin C. York
  3. November 11, 1918
  4. Central Powers
  5. "The United States will never again seek one additional foot of territory by conquest."

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  1. Who was America's secretary of state before the Great War?William Jennings Bryan


  2. Who was America's "Ace of Aces"?Eddie Rickenbacker


  3. What famous phrase came from the Sckenk decision?Chateau-Thierry


  4. What did the Versailles Treaty contain?American patriotism in the West against the Germans.


  5. Did the United States ever join the League of Nations?No. They did not.


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