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  1. What was included in the Treaty of Versailles?
  2. What was the costly American offensive battle?
  3. What did the Zimmerman telegram arouse?
  4. What document believed that the United States should avoid all entanglement with Europe?
  5. Wilson once promised:
  1. a "The United States will never again seek one additional foot of territory by conquest."
  2. b The Irreplaceable's
  3. c American patriotism in the West against the Germans.
  4. d The self-determination plank from the Fourteen Points
  5. e Argonne

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  1. The sinking of four American merchant ships
  2. Victoriano Huerta
  3. Armistice
  4. 1) Austria declared war on Serbia
    2) Russia declared war on Austria
    3) Germany declared war on France
    4) Great Britain declared war on Germany
  5. 1) Selective Service Act
    2) Chateau-Thierry
    3) Armistice
    4) Treaty of Versailles

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  1. How much did America's army increase in less than 2 years of war?10 fold


  2. Who was the Christian hero in WWI?Alvin C. York


  3. Who was the senator who opposed the Treaty of Versailles?The self-determination plank from the Fourteen Points


  4. In what year did the United States enter the Great War?April 6, 1917


  5. What nations opposed Germany during the Great War?Allies


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