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  1. What were the names of Germany and it's Allies during the Great War?
  2. Germany's invasion of what nation brought Great Britain into the Great War?
  3. Who was the Mexican Dictator from 1876-1911?
  4. What was the last event in America's move toward war?
  5. What was the greatest factor in America's entrance into the war?
  1. a Porfirio Diaz
  2. b Belgium
  3. c Central Powers
  4. d The sinking of four American merchant ships
  5. e Submarine Warfare

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  1. The draft
  2. The murder of Archduke Ferdinand.
  3. Henry Cabot Lodge
  4. Wilhelm II
  5. 1) Selective Service Act
    2) Chateau-Thierry
    3) Armistice
    4) Treaty of Versailles

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  1. What was the American halt of the German offensive?John J. Pershing


  2. What master politician from Great Britain went to Versailles with the pledge "we will squeeze them till the pips squeak"?That the U.S. traded with both sides and gave loans to Allies to avoid collapse of American trade.


  3. What was the peacetime association of countries designed to prevent war?The draft


  4. What did the Zimmerman telegram arouse?It contained one of the most unreasonable demands in World History.


  5. American's strongly supported what?The demands of the Flood Administration.


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