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  1. What event sparked the Great War?
  2. Wilson once promised:
  3. How much did America's army increase in less than 2 years of war?
  4. What was Germany's Schlieffen Plan?
  5. Who was the German ruler who drew England into war?
  1. a 10 fold
  2. b To defeat France, then attack Russia.
  3. c "The United States will never again seek one additional foot of territory by conquest."
  4. d Wilhelm II
  5. e The murder of Archduke Ferdinand.

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  1. Victoriano Huerta
  2. "A clear and present danger"
  3. American patriotism in the West against the Germans.
  4. Belgium
  5. Central Powers

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  1. What was the name of the passenger liner that was sunk with American's on board?Lusitania


  2. What did the Fourteen Points include?The League of Nations


  3. American's strongly supported what?The demands of the Flood Administration.


  4. What unreasonable demand did Britain and France make on the German's to pay the entire cost of the war?Reparation Payments


  5. What was included in the Treaty of Versailles?The self-determination plank from the Fourteen Points


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