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  1. What event sparked the Great War?
  2. What was the name of the passenger liner that was sunk with American's on board?
  3. What was the American commitment to oppose Germany if submarine warfare continued?
  4. Who was the Mexican Dictator from 1876-1911?
  5. What was the right to limit free speech during wartime?
  1. a Lusitania
  2. b Schenk vs. United States
  3. c Porfirio Diaz
  4. d Sussex Pledge
  5. e The murder of Archduke Ferdinand.

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  1. The Irreplaceable's
  2. 1) Austria declared war on Serbia
    2) Russia declared war on Austria
    3) Germany declared war on France
    4) Great Britain declared war on Germany
  3. Wilhelm II
  4. Alvin C. York
  5. Ban on criticism of the War Effort.

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  1. American's strongly supported what?Eddie Rickenbacker


  2. Who was "one of the most ruthless tyrannies in Mexican history"?Woodrow Wilson


  3. What was the costly American offensive battle?Argonne


  4. What was the last event in America's move toward war?The sinking of four American merchant ships


  5. Who was the senator who opposed the Treaty of Versailles?The self-determination plank from the Fourteen Points


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