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  1. People who move from place to place, Aryans were nomads
  2. Seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons, flooding in summer
  3. Leader who governed Aryan village and land around it
  4. New group from Caspian Sea after the Harappans, nomads, Lived in small communities, fought each other, no strong central government
  5. Hot and humid

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  1. IndusReligious writings by Ayan priests, poems, hymns, myths, rituals that help us learn about Aryan society, memorized


  2. SubcontinentA large landmass that is smaller than a continent, example is India


  3. HimalayasHighest mountains in the world, in northern India


  4. VedasRiver flows from Himalayas, valley was location of India's first civilization, (now Pakistan) flooded, silt, good farmland


  5. Harappan AchievementsIndoor plumbing, pottery, jewelry, tools, weights and measures, India's first writing system (can't read this language)


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