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  1. a reference, explicit or implicit, to something in previous literature or history, could be biblical
  2. The repetition of final consonant sounds of accented syllables or important words that are close together
  3. A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction
  4. What a word suggests beyond its basic definition; a words overtones of meanings
  5. an apparent contradiction that is nevertheless true

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  1. Understatementsaying less than one means or saying what one means with less force than the occasion warrants


  2. BalladA song or poem that tells a story.


  3. AlliterationThe repetition of the same or similar initial consonant sounds in words that are close together.


  4. DenotationThe basic definition or dictionary meaning of a word.


  5. SonnetThe repetition of accented vowel sounds in a series of words.


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