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  1. When one base replaces another base in a codon, the mutation is known as a _____________
  2. has a structure like a twisted ladder; well packed inside cells
  3. Each group of three bases codes for ___ amino acid
  4. A mutation in DNA could result in
  5. Chargaff's rules are represented _________
  1. a one
  2. b DNA
  3. c substitution
  4. d A=T C=G
  5. e a genetic disorder or disease, death, or no change at all

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  1. proteins (made of amino acids)
  2. Skin
  3. Sex
  4. TGA AGC
  5. adenine

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  1. The images that Rosalind Franklin created suggested that DNA has a(n) ______ shapeSpiral


  2. alters plants, repairs damaged genes, manufactures proteinsenzymes


  3. What materials make up each nucleotide in a DNA molecule? __________Nitrogeneous base: (A-T or C-G), variable, rungs of ladder
    Sugar: attaches to amino acids, sides of ladder connects bases
    Phosphate: sides of ladder


  4. In a DNA strand, there are four different types of _____ a.k.a., the rungs of the "ladder"alternating sugar and phosphate molecules


  5. A strand of DNA is a long string of ________Nucleotides


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