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  1. The "factory" through which the "protein assembly line" or mRNA is fed is the _________
  2. If a change occurs in a base sequence of a DNA codon, it might cause a different __________ to be substituted in a protein
  3. What materials make up each nucleotide in a DNA molecule? __________
  4. Chargaff's rules are represented _________
  5. A ___________ is a physical or chemical agent that causes damage to DNA
  1. a Nitrogeneous base: (A-T or C-G), variable, rungs of ladder
    Sugar: attaches to amino acids, sides of ladder connects bases
    Phosphate: sides of ladder
  2. b A=T C=G
  3. c Amino acid
  4. d Mutagen
  5. e Ribosome

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  1. deletion
  2. Sex
  3. insertion
  4. one new and one original strand
  5. a genetic disorder or disease, death, or no change at all

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  1. section of DNA copied; messenger molecules take genetic info from sections of DNA out of nucleus into cytoplasm (mRNA) "transcription"; mRNA "the copy' fed through a ribosome 3 bases at a time; transfer molecules (tRNA) act as translators of mRNA "translation"; tRNA pick up specific amino acid that match with specific 3 bases in ribosome; tRNA drops off amino acids that are joined together to form proteinWatson and Crick


  2. Thymine and CytosinePurines


  3. How many amino acids are present in a protein that requires 6,000 bases in its code? ____Four (4)


  4. Each group of three bases codes for ___ amino acidone


  5. The human body contains about 50,000 different kind of __________ which are made of amino acidsProteins


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