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  1. In a DNA molecule, which base pairs with thymine?
  2. When one base replaces another base in a codon, the mutation is known as a _____________
  3. A mutation in DNA could result in
  4. A ___________ is a physical or chemical agent that causes damage to DNA
  5. The human body contains about 50,000 different kind of __________ which are made of amino acids
  1. a Proteins
  2. b a genetic disorder or disease, death, or no change at all
  3. c Mutagen
  4. d adenine
  5. e substitution

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  1. X-ray defraction
  2. 3 / codon
  3. TGA AGC
  4. deletion

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  1. a set of instructions for each trait, instructions on how to make a protein and a portion of a strand of DNA; a string of bases; made of amino acidsGene


  2. If a mutation occurs in the DNA of _____ cells, it can be passed from one generation to the nextAmino acid


  3. The "factory" where the protein is created is the _____Ribosome


  4. How many amino acids does the DNA sequence ACC TAG TTG ACC code for? ______Four (4)


  5. scientists who made models to determine DNA structure of double helixa genetic disorder or disease, death, or no change at all


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