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  1. The images that Rosalind Franklin created suggested that DNA has a(n) ______ shape
  2. How many amino acids are present in a protein that requires 6,000 bases in its code? ____
  3. Chemist Rosalind Franklin was able to create images of DNA molecules using ________
  4. scientists who made models to determine DNA structure of double helix
  5. alters plants, repairs damaged genes, manufactures proteins
  1. a genetic engineering
  2. b Watson and Crick
  3. c X-ray defraction
  4. d 2,000
  5. e Spiral

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  1. 20
  2. Pyrimidines
  3. Nucleotides
  4. recessive
  5. nucleus

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  1. If a change occurs in a base sequence of a DNA codon, it might cause a different __________ to be substituted in a proteinSex


  2. The complementary strand to the DNA sequence ACT TCG is _________TGA AGC


  3. A change in the order of bases in DNA is called a _________; Xrays, Ultraviolet radiation, and radioactivity could cause3 / codon


  4. What materials make up each nucleotide in a DNA molecule? __________Nitrogeneous base: (A-T or C-G), variable, rungs of ladder
    Sugar: attaches to amino acids, sides of ladder connects bases
    Phosphate: sides of ladder


  5. can repair mutated genessubstitution
    deletion (changes sequence/leads to diff. amino acid)
    insertion (changes sequence/leads to diff. amino acid)


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