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  1. An original base sequence of DNA, AAA CCC GGG changes to AAA CCG GG. This is known as a(n) __________________
  2. Chargaff's rules are represented _________
  3. Adenine and Guanine
  4. A strand of DNA is a long string of ________
  5. How many amino acids are present in a protein that requires 6,000 bases in its code? ____
  1. a Nucleotides
  2. b deletion
  3. c Purines
  4. d A=T C=G
  5. e 2,000

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  1. a genetic disorder or disease, death, or no change at all
  2. steps to make protein
  3. nucleus
  4. Ribosome
  5. recessive

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  1. The code for amino acid consists of _______ base(s) also called a ______Four (4)


  2. splits down the middle where 2 bases meet; bases on each side used as pattern for new complementary sidegenetic engineering


  3. a set of instructions for each trait, instructions on how to make a protein and a portion of a strand of DNA; a string of bases; made of amino acidsDNA


  4. What would the complement ary strand of DNA be for the sequence of bases: CGA TCG GAT TAC _________GCT AGC CTA ATG


  5. At the end of the replication process, each of the new DNA molecules is composed of ______Nitrogeneous base: (A-T or C-G), variable, rungs of ladder
    Sugar: attaches to amino acids, sides of ladder connects bases
    Phosphate: sides of ladder


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