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  1. Each group of three bases codes for ___ amino acid
  2. If a sample of DNA has 20% cytosine, what % guanine would there be
  3. The code for amino acid consists of _______ base(s) also called a ______
  4. splits down the middle where 2 bases meet; bases on each side used as pattern for new complementary side
  5. 3 types of mutations
  1. a 3 / codon
  2. b 20
  3. c happens when a DNA molecule splits to make a copy of itself
  4. d substitution
    deletion (changes sequence/leads to diff. amino acid)
    insertion (changes sequence/leads to diff. amino acid)
  5. e one

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  1. Spiral
  2. False
  3. genetic engineering
  4. adenine
  5. enzymes

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  1. A strand of DNA is a long string of ________Nucleotides


  2. The human body contains about 50,000 different kind of __________ which are made of amino acidsProteins


  3. How many amino acids are present in a protein that requires 6,000 bases in its code? ____2,000


  4. If a mutation occurs in the DNA of _____ cells, it can be passed from one generation to the nextSex


  5. scientists who made models to determine DNA structure of double helixa genetic disorder or disease, death, or no change at all


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