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  1. where is DNA found
  2. The code for amino acid consists of _______ base(s) also called a ______
  3. In a DNA strand, the sides or the backbone of the "ladder" are made of ________
  4. The "factory" through which the "protein assembly line" or mRNA is fed is the _________
  5. How many amino acids does the DNA sequence ACC TAG TTG ACC code for? ______
  1. a 3 / codon
  2. b Four (4)
  3. c alternating sugar and phosphate molecules
  4. d Ribosome
  5. e nucleus

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  1. 20
  2. 2,000
  3. Sex
  4. one new and one original strand
  5. substitution
    deletion (changes sequence/leads to diff. amino acid)
    insertion (changes sequence/leads to diff. amino acid)

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  1. Each group of three bases codes for ___ amino acidone


  2. When one base replaces another base in a codon, the mutation is known as a _____________substitution


  3. Adenine and GuaninePyrimidines


  4. has a structure like a twisted ladder; well packed inside cellsFalse


  5. alters plants, repairs damaged genes, manufactures proteinsgenetic engineering


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