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  1. can repair mutated genes
  2. What would the complement ary strand of DNA be for the sequence of bases: CGA TCG GAT TAC _________
  3. Adenine and Guanine
  4. If a sample of DNA has 20% cytosine, what % guanine would there be
  5. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is known to cause mutations in ______ cells that can lead to cancer, which is why you should wear sunscreen in the summertime
  1. a Skin
  2. b enzymes
  4. d 20
  5. e Purines

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  1. A=T C=G
  2. Mutagen
  3. substitution
  4. one new and one original strand
  5. Watson and Crick

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  1. A strand of DNA is a long string of ________Nucleotides


  2. 3 types of mutationsenzymes


  3. Thymine and CytosinePyrimidines


  4. How many amino acids are present in a protein that requires 6,000 bases in its code? ____2,000


  5. A change in the order of bases in DNA is called a _________; Xrays, Ultraviolet radiation, and radioactivity could causeMutation


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