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  1. Listeriosis
  2. Psuedorabies "Mad Itch"
  3. Polioencephalomalacia
  1. a risk factors include thiaminases, high sulfate intake, amprolium (Acepromazine, levamisole, thiabendazole)
  2. b What gram positive bacteria has a clinical sign involving a recumbant animal paddling it's legs?
  3. c Clincal Signs
    -Duration of illness 8-72hrs
    -ataxia & circling
    -behavior changes
    -seizures, coma
    -dermal abrasions/swelling
    -pruritis at virus inoculation site
    -some animals die acutely

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  1. Supportive treatment only
    close serologic relationship btwn strains of BHV1.1 may be protective
  2. Abortion at last trimester, still birth, neonatal deaths
  3. Treatment & Control
    some recover, most die
    eliminate exposure if ruminants to swine
    vaccination of swine
  4. Fatal neurologic disease
    affects all mammals
    virus has high affinity for neural tissues
  5. Clinical Signs
    Incubation 1-7yrs
    behavioral changes
    blindness, nystagmus(constant movement of eye)
    pruritis of rump & flank
    death after period of illness 6w-1yr

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  1. RabiesHas a strong resistance to conventional cleaning & disinfection protocols


  2. Listeriosisa fatal disease of sheep characterized by chronic itching and loss of muscular control and progressive degeneration of the central nervous system


  3. ScrapieHas a strong resistance to conventional cleaning & disinfection protocols


  4. Scrapie_____ is a disease related to mad cow disease


  5. ScrapieBovine spongiform encephalopathy in sheep


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