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  1. Listeriosis
  2. Psuedorabies "Mad Itch"
  3. Rabies
  1. a Ingested & Inhaled transmission leads to abortions latent infections, septicemia
  2. b Fatal neurologic disease
    affects all mammals
    virus has high affinity for neural tissues
  3. c Clincal Signs
    -Duration of illness 8-72hrs
    -ataxia & circling
    -behavior changes
    -seizures, coma
    -dermal abrasions/swelling
    -pruritis at virus inoculation site
    -some animals die acutely

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  1. Clinical Signs
    Incubation 1-7yrs
    behavioral changes
    blindness, nystagmus(constant movement of eye)
    pruritis of rump & flank
    death after period of illness 6w-1yr
  2. dermal abrasions, pruritis at site of virus innoculation
  3. localizes in intestinal walls, placenta and brain
  4. associated with high sulfer intake & Thiamin(vitamin B) Deficeincy
  5. Diagnosis
    No practical antemortem tests, measurement of thiamine levels are often misleading, diagnosis often made by treatment

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  1. Encephalitic IBRBHV1
    subtype 1.3


  2. Psuedorabiesprimary host is pig


  3. Rabiesfresh brain tissue required
    immunofleurescense of tissue allows for detection of antigen/antibody reaction


  4. ListeriosisHas a strong resistance to conventional cleaning & disinfection protocols


  5. Listeriosisa fatal disease of sheep characterized by chronic itching and loss of muscular control and progressive degeneration of the central nervous system


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