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  1. Rabies
  2. Listeriosis
  3. Scrapie
  1. a Susceptable to high doses of penicillian
  2. b Clinical Signs
    Incubation per 3wks-6mo
    Behavior changes in furious form
    hypermetric gait
    mild ataxia/hyperesthesia
  3. c Has a strong resistance to conventional cleaning & disinfection protocols

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  1. risk factors include thiaminases, high sulfate intake, amprolium (Acepromazine, levamisole, thiabendazole)
  2. Bacteria: Listeria monocytogenes
  3. Diagnosis
    virus isolation from oral & nasal secretions
    virus culture of CNS issure (titers not specific)
    Share common antigens of IBR 1
  4. Bacteria, found in soil, water and plants, high risk to pregnant women
  5. Clinical signs(related to encephalitis)
    anorexia, depression, disorientation
    circling, facial paralysis on affected side

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  1. ListeriosisWhat gram positive bacteria has a clinical sign involving a recumbant animal paddling it's legs?


  2. PsuedorabiesIllness duration 8-72hrs


  3. ListeriosisInvokes no inflammatory response


  4. Psuedorabies "Mad Itch"may be asymptomatic


  5. Psuedorabiesdermal abrasions, pruritis at site of virus innoculation


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