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  1. Hematology tests (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid "EDTA"- prevents platelet clumping and preserves the appearance of blood cells hematology tests, i.e., cbc, esr, sickle cell)
  2. Chemistry tests(Heparin "sodium/lithium/ammonia", Inhibits thrombin formation to prevent clotting. Chemistry tests performed on plasma)
  3. Blood or body fluid cultures (sps-prevents blood from clotting and stabilizes bacterial growth)
  4. Coagulation testing (Sodium citrate- removes calcium to prevent blood from clotting coagulation studies)
  5. blue

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  1. Green-GrayPlasma determinations


  2. 7th drawgreen


  3. 4th DrawLavender


  4. 1st drawblue


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