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  1. surveiller
  2. Pour prendre l'autoroute, il faut payer un peage
  3. une voiture de sport
  4. un panneau
  5. ralentir
  1. a To take the highway, it is necessary to pay a toll
  2. b a sports car
  3. c a road sign
  4. d to watch over
  5. e to slow down

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  1. he checks the tire pressure
  2. a driving school
  3. a map (of the city)
  4. fill it up, please
  5. i know that the cop will give me a ticket...

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  1. changer de voieto change lanes


  2. aller tout droitto go straight


  3. le radiateurHeater


  4. un casquean exit


  5. tourner a droiteto turn right


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