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  1. vascular
  2. Collenchyma tissue
  3. dermal
  4. perennials
  5. secondayr growth
  1. a increase in stem or root girth (thickness)
  2. b have potential to live more than 2 years, die back in winter
  3. c extends throughout plant body, conducting water, dissolving minerals, and sugar strength and support
  4. d provides covering for the plant
  5. e consists of ........ cells, provides flexible structural support

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  1. long tapered cells in paches or clumps, wood inner bark
  2. issue conducts water and dissolved minerals
  3. composed of all 3 systems and form interconnected network throughout the plant
  4. undeveloped embryonic shoots
  5. outgrowth (hair) absorbs secrets excretes protects and reduces water loss

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  1. ground tissue system contains 3 tissuesparenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma tissues


  2. unspecialized living cellsopen and close stomatal pore for gas exchange


  3. vascular cambiumadd more cells to wood


  4. Annualsherbaceous plants take 2 years to complete life cycle, carrots cabbage


  5. Peridermwaxy cuticle reduces water loss


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