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  1. Biennuals
  2. Ground
  3. Buds are
  4. epidermis
  5. cork cells
  1. a waxy cuticle reduces water loss
  2. b (most of the body) photosynthesis storage and support
  3. c herbaceous plants take 2 years to complete life cycle, carrots cabbage
  4. d dead at maturity reduse water loss prevent disease
  5. e undeveloped embryonic shoots

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  1. areial parts die back (stem leaves)
  2. areal parts do not die back
  3. increase in stem or root length
  4. add more cells to wood
  5. protective covering helps reduce water loss

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  1. (sclerenchyma) scleridslong tapered cells in paches or clumps, wood inner bark


  2. Peridermwaxy cuticle reduces water loss


  3. xylemtissue conducts sugar in solution


  4. Annualsherbaceous plants grwo reproduce and die in one year, corn geranium, and marigold


  5. woody perenialslive for 100s or even 1000 of years


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