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  1. trichomes
  2. guard cells
  3. phloem
  4. ground tissue system contains 3 tissues
  5. primary growth
  1. a open and close stomatal pore for gas exchange
  2. b tissue conducts sugar in solution
  3. c parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma tissues
  4. d outgrowth (hair) absorbs secrets excretes protects and reduces water loss
  5. e increase in stem or root length

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  1. consists of ........ cells, provides flexible structural support
  2. have potential to live more than 2 years, die back in winter
  3. variable shape common in sheels of nuts and stones of fruit (cherries and peaches)
  4. covers woody parts of the plant body
  5. add more cells to wood

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  1. cork cellsopen and close stomatal pore for gas exchange


  2. dermalprovides covering for the plant


  3. unspecialized living cellsprotective covering helps reduce water loss


  4. Buds areundeveloped embryonic shoots


  5. xylemtissue conducts sugar in solution


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