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  1. traicionar a alguien-la traiciĆ³n
  2. un rato-un ratito
  3. pillar un resfriado
  4. acariciar-la caricia
  5. ser socio de (la DMD)
  1. a to betray someone, betrayal
  2. b to catch a cold
  3. c a little while
  4. d to be a member (of the DMD, right to die with dignity)
  5. e to carress, a carress

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  1. claim, demand, to appeal
  2. euthanasia
  3. to be Galician
  4. to commit suicide
  5. to be a sweetheart

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  1. el juicio-el juezsuicide


  2. el infartocyanide


  3. rechazarclaim, demand, to appeal


  4. tener derecho ato be serene


  5. juzgarto judge


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