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  1. fabricar
  2. la calada (del cigarro)
  3. ¡(No) aprieta!
  4. estar lúcido
  5. traicionar a alguien-la traición
  1. a to betray someone, betrayal
  2. b drag, puff of a cigarette
  3. c to manufacture, make
  4. d to be lucid
  5. e No pressure

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  1. illusion, pipe dream, utopia
  2. to catch a cold
  3. the undertow
  4. dignity, worthily-with dignity
  5. reject, turn down, repel, drive back

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  1. agarrarse (a algo, alguien)to advise-advice


  2. acariciar-la cariciato carress, a carress


  3. el juicio-el juezsuicide


  4. tener derecho ato have the right to


  5. el sacerdote-el curathe priest


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