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  1. canal lock
  2. travel
  3. woodblock printing
  4. discoveries
  5. military technology
  1. a a gated chamber in a canal used to raise or lower the water level, still used today like in the Panama canal
  2. b related to soldiers and warfare
  3. c something seen or learned about for the first time
  4. d characters raised on wood; used to make playing cards
  5. e to journey to other places

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  1. a common item used by most people in their daily lives
  2. an invention of the Chinese that helped spread learning
  3. a bridge supported by arches that are shallow segments (parts) of a circle
  4. a business that manufactures a particular product
  5. a magnetic tool used for navigation at sea and enabled long distance travel, still used today

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  1. mechanical clocktells time accurately; modern mechanical clocks use the same principles today


  2. gunpowderan explosive powder made of saltpeter and other materials; changed the way wars were conducted around the world


  3. catapultan invention of the Chinese that helped spread learning


  4. inoculatea hard, white pottery; also called china; we call porcelain china and still use today


  5. movable typeindividual characters made of wood or metal that can be arranged to create a job for printing and then used over again; helped spread learning; until recently, newspapers, magazines and books were printed this way


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