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  1. consonance
  2. expressionism
  3. imagery
  4. dramatic monologue
  5. narrative verse
  1. a a poem in which a speaker addresses a silent listener
  2. b a poem that tells a story
  3. c words or phrases that create pictures or images in the readers mind
  4. d the repetition of consonant sounds
  5. e movement of literature that emphasizes more on the life of the mind and feelings rather than the realistic details of everyday life

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  1. a lengthy, complex lyric poem, written in a dignified formal style of some lofty or serious subject
  2. un rhymed verse that has no metric pattern or an irregular pattern
  3. the philosophical idea that man fashions his own existence, and only exists by doing so
  4. hints and clue in a narrative that suggest what is about to happen
  5. the use of a word whose sound in some degree imitates or suggests its meaning

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  1. ironythe prevailing feeling or emotional climate in a piece of literature


  2. metonymyfigure of speech that compares two things that are dissimilar


  3. invectiveany literature that is meant to instruct or to teach


  4. didacticany literature that is meant to instruct or to teach


  5. K├╝nstlerromana work that represents the growth of a novelist or other artist into the stage of maturity that signals the mastery of artistic craft


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