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  1. magic realism
  2. deus ex machina
  3. onomatopoeia
  4. connotation
  5. expressionism
  1. a a word's secondary significance/feelings that the word implies
  2. b the use of a word whose sound in some degree imitates or suggests its meaning
  3. c movement of literature that emphasizes more on the life of the mind and feelings rather than the realistic details of everyday life
  4. d any artificial, forced, or improbable device used to resolve entanglements in a play
  5. e fiction that is characterized byt the mingling or juxtaposition of the realistic with the fantastic/bizarre

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  1. a struggle between the 2 opposing forces in literature
  2. figure of speech that compares two things that are dissimilar
  3. the philosophical idea that man fashions his own existence, and only exists by doing so
  4. a poem in which a speaker addresses a silent listener
  5. comic episodes or interludes, usually in tragedies, that relieve tension

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  1. imagerythe regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry


  2. consonancethe repetition of consonant sounds


  3. elegycontrast between what is stated to happen and what actually happens


  4. naturalisman extreme form of realism


  5. iambic pentameterthe most common verse line in English and American poetry consisting of five verse feet


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