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  1. expressionism
  2. existentialism
  3. meter
  4. consonance
  5. conflict
  1. a the philosophical idea that man fashions his own existence, and only exists by doing so
  2. b movement of literature that emphasizes more on the life of the mind and feelings rather than the realistic details of everyday life
  3. c the repetition of consonant sounds
  4. d the regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry
  5. e a struggle between the 2 opposing forces in literature

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  1. a word's primary significance or reference
  2. a unit used to measure the meter and rhythmic pattern of a line in poetry
  3. a bold overstatement
  4. a poem of mourning
  5. words or phrases that create pictures or images in the readers mind

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  1. ironycontrast between what is stated to happen and what actually happens


  2. onomatopoeiaa word's primary significance or reference


  3. lyricfrom the Greek meaning "wanton insolence," a shortcoming of a tragic hero that leads him to ignore warnings from the gods and leads to his downfall


  4. connotationa word's primary significance or reference


  5. odethe prevailing feeling or emotional climate in a piece of literature


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