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  1. a large stream of moving water that flows through the oceans
  2. the study of the physical properties of ocean
  3. a process used to separate the salt from seawater for the purpose of reclaiming one or both materials
  4. sound navigation and ranging: uses sound waves to calculate the distance to the ocean floor
  5. using satellites to find locations on Earth
  6. materials from the environment that are used by living things

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  1. Mid-ocean Ridgecontinuous range of underwater mountains that wind around the Earth


  2. Salinitythe total amount of dissolved salts in a sample of water


  3. Abyssal Plainflat region of the sea floor


  4. Deep Currenta cold, deep current coming from the poles a cold, deep current coming from the poles that moves along the ocean floor to the equator


  5. Upwellingmovement of cold water upward from the deep ocean - brings tiny organisms, minerals, and nutrients from the deep layers


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