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  1. sound navigation and ranging: uses sound waves to calculate the distance to the ocean floor
  2. The use of a satellite to identify and locate sediment and features of the ocean
  3. movement of cold water upward from the deep ocean - brings tiny organisms, minerals, and nutrients from the deep layers
  4. the total amount of dissolved salts in a sample of water
  5. materials from the environment that are used by living things
  6. using satellites to find locations on Earth

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  1. Continental Shelfgently sloping, shallow, extends out from the edge of the continent


  2. Trencha canyon in the ocean floor, deepest parts of the ocean


  3. Abyssal Plainflat region of the sea floor


  4. Continental Slopesteep edge extending from continental shelf, waters deepen


  5. Mid-ocean Ridgethe study of the physical properties of ocean


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