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  1. Why should roux be cooked before usage?
  2. What are the main ingredients of Sauce Velouté?
  3. What is the standard ratio of roux to liquid to create a medium consistency of thickness using white, blond and brown roux?
  4. Steam jacketed kettles
  5. What is the argument against including Hollandaise in the list of "grand sauces" and the arguments for including it?
  1. a Stock & roux.
  2. b Can not be reused, refrigerated.
  3. c 60% flour 40% fat
  4. d a kettle with double layered walls, between which steam circulates providing even heat for cooking soups stock and sauces the kettles canbe isolated spigoted or tilted
  5. e It only activates at 175 degrees and so it wont taste like flour

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  1. There are two basic variations of onion soup namely:
    a. White Onion
    i. Onions are cooked until wilted not browned,
    ii. not served with croutons or cheese
    iii. This version is very clean and is associated with fine dining to prevent the guests from getting stained.
    b. Onion Soup Gratinee
    i. the onions are browned
    ii. the soup is topped with croutons, cheese and breadcrumbs
    iii. this version is usually associated with a more casual dining experience because it is much messier to eat.
  2. Proper caramelization is essential to make sure onions do not turn bitter, or burned.
  3. Dice cut of 1/8in/ 3-mm cubes. For a brunoise cut, items are first cut in julienne then cut crosswise. For a fine brunoise 1/16in/1.50-mm cube, cut items first in fine julienne.
  4. When a warm liquid is put into an ice bath to cool it down
  5. To pound or chop coarsely. Concasse usually refers to tomatoes that have been peeled, seeded and chopped.

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  1. Sauteuseto Cook to the bite


  2. Which will turn sour faster whole milk or skim and why?Whole milk turns sour faster because it contains more fat and fat spoils faster, meaning which milk has more lactose sours faster.


  3. What are some different ways that tomato sauce can be made?Stock & roux.


  4. Describe the difference between a classical cream soup and a modern cream soup.Classical cream soup is made with béchamel sauce and the modern cream soup is made with a veloute.


  5. What are the major uses of stocks?Basis for soups and sauces also for braising liquid for proteins, vegetables and grains.


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