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  1. What is a rémouillage and how does it differ from a stock?
  2. Define Duxelle.
  3. What is the purpose of an acid in the clarification of a consommé?
  4. Rondeau
  5. Cream soup
  1. a It's a stock used to make a glaze, it's made from previously cooked stock bones therefore making it a second stock. The difference is that this can be used as flavored water for foods like rice and vegetables.
  2. b Duxelle: An apparell of finely chopped mushroom and shallots sautéed gently with butter, used as a stuffing, garnish, or as a flavoring in soups and sauces.
  3. c a straight, wide, straight sided pot with two loop handles often used for braising
  4. d traditionally a soup based on a béchamel sauce, any soup with cream.
  5. e The purpose of an acid is to blend into the clarification to help the raft form promptly as well as its flavor.

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  1. a kettle with double layered walls, between which steam circulates providing even heat for cooking soups stock and sauces the kettles canbe isolated spigoted or tilted
  2. A.INGREDIENTS: Fruit, Onions, Sugar
    B. TEMP: (Glucose 300 Degrees) (Sucrose: 340 Degrees)
    C. FLAVOR PROFILE: Caramelization brings out the sugar molecules by breaking them down.
  3. 8 lbs of bones : 1 # of mirepoix : 1 gallon water : 1 sachete => 1 gallon of W/B Stock
  4. Submerging the vegetable in an acidic medium after peeling/cutting will keep these vegetables from browning. Cooking them immediately also prevents them from browning. They should be cooked and cooled in the same liquid.
  5. a flavorful aromatic liquid made by simmering water or stock with meat, vegetables and or spices and herbs.

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  1. Al denteGradually pour from one container into another, without disturbing the sediment


  2. BlenderAn electric mixing machine used in food preparation for liquefying, chopping, or puréeing.


  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of thickening with roux?Advantages: Disadvantages:
    Thickening dishes Longer cooking times
    For color
    Starches don't break down


  4. What are some different ways that tomato sauce can be made?Depending on flavor it may include Tomato mirepoix with the addition of garlic. Others call for the addition of a ham bone or other pork bone. Then others rely simply on garlic, onions and herbs.


  5. Describe the formula and method for reclarifing a cloudy consommé.Bring the liquid down to approx. 120˚ F (a temperature below coagulation temperature of egg whites)
    Beat 1 egg white/ qt. of liquid with a pinch of salt or a form of acid (tomatoes), to denature whites
    Mix the egg whites into the warm liquid thoroughly
    Heat the mixture to a gentle simmer, stirring to prevent anything from sticking to the bottom
    Simmer gently 5 minutes to fully coagulate all whites (egg raft)
    Strain carefully through coffee filter


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