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  1. Glace
  2. What are the four criteria for evaluating sauces?
  3. Glace de Gibier
  4. Can a broth be served as a soup? How else can a broth be utilized?
  5. Sautoir
  1. a Yes it can, a broth can utilized by being frozen and used for other soups the ingredients in the soup such as vegetables and meats can be used as some type garnish.
  2. b a shallow skillet with straight sides and a single long handle. used for sautéing referred to generically as a sauté pan
  3. c is a highly reduced stock, broth or remouillage.
  4. d Nappe, aroma, color, taste
  5. e Game glaze

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  1. a sauce made from a brown stock and aromatics and thickened by roux, a pure starch slurry, and/or a reduction; includes sauce Espagnole, demi-glace, jusde veau lie, and pan sauce.
  2. Sancocho,Sopa de mondongo ,Kukul Mas Mollagathanni (any soup)
  3. to chop into very small pieces
  4. The 3 basic types of stock are white, brown and fumet stock. White is when one combines all ingredients after they are cooled and simmered (lighted heated). Brown is when ingredients are browned to produce a mahogany color (ingredients includes bones). Fumet is sweating the main ingredients before simmering them. (Usually used for fish stock)
  5. referred to generically as a sauté pan

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  1. Slicingto cut food into thin slices/ strips


  2. Specialty soupssoups from a specific region, season, or culture


  3. CalvadosIt is a French apple brandy.


  4. Glace de PoissonGame glaze


  5. Fumetto draw off (a liquid) without disturbing the sediment or the lower liquid layers


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