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  1. List five reasons a Hollandaise sauce can break.
  2. Name and describe the two main categories of soups.
  3. What two fundamentals should be used in order to ensure a stock is clear?
  4. Tomato sauce
  5. bain marie
  1. a the French term for a water bath used to cook foods gently by surrounding the cooking vessel with simmering water. Also, a set cylindrical nesting pots used to hold foods in water baths or with single, long handle used as a double boiler. Also, stem table inserts
  2. b One must not boil or stir this creates sediments.
  3. c • Oil added too quickly
    • Too much oil added for amount of continuous phase (liquid)
    • Over-mixed
    • Product became too hot
    • Not enough stabilizer in recipe
  4. d Thick: consist of roux or a puree of ingredients that are used to thickening them. Clear: consist of stock or broth garnished with vegetables, meat, remaining relatively clear.
  5. e a sauce prepared by simmering tomatoes in liquid aromatics. One of the "Grand Sauces"

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  1. a cold emulsion sauce that can be used as a spread on its own or can be made into a variety of derivative cold sauces,(ie. Remoulade, Sauce Vert)
  2. Sauce Bearnaise
    Tarragon vinegar and unused tarragon stems in reduction (instead of cider vinegar) and garnished with fresh tarragon and chervil, using above Hollandaise formula.
    Sauce Hollandaise
    A rich, emulsified grand sauce made from butter, egg yolks, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper.
  3. a large straight sided pot that is taller than it is wide .used for making stocks or soups. Some have spigots
  4. a whole peeled onion to which a bay leaf is attached using a clove as a tack
  5. To cut pieces of roughly the same size. Also, a small cut of meat including part of the rib

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  1. Bouillonis made by heating whole butter until the butterfat is separated from the other two components of butter, the milks solids and water.
    Decant - Gradually pour from one container into another, without disturbing the sediment
    Fortification - adding flavor
    Glace - is a highly reduced stock, broth or remouillage.
    Glace de Gibier - Game glaze
    Glace de Poisson - Fish glaze
    Glace de Volaille - Chicken glaze
    Glace de Viande - Meat glaze (reduced Estouffade)
    Paysanne - a knife cut in which ingredients are cut into flat, square pieces, ½ in by ½ in by 1/8 in/1cm by 1cm by 3 mm.
    Reduction - the product that results when a liquid is reduced


  2. Slicingto cut food into thin slices/ strips


  3. Name the three basic types of stock:The 3 basic types of stock are white, brown and fumet stock. White is when one combines all ingredients after they are cooled and simmered (lighted heated). Brown is when ingredients are browned to produce a mahogany color (ingredients includes bones). Fumet is sweating the main ingredients before simmering them. (Usually used for fish stock)


  4. Derivative sauceIs a type of food topped with cheese or breadcrumbs that is baked or cooked in a salemender.


  5. What is the purpose of blanching bones when making white stocks?The main purpose of onion brûlé in consommé is to add an additional flavor and color.


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