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  1. What are the characteristics of a well made stock?
  2. Consommé
  3. Fumet
  4. Hearty Broth
  5. What are the advantages of using a bouquet garni or sachet?
  1. a It eliminates the procedure of removing every spice added so that one may only need to remove the bag. Also one can make as many as one wants and each one can last up to 3 days if well prepared.
  2. b A type of stock in which the main flavoring ingredient is allowed to cook in a covered pot with wine and aromatics. Fish fumet is the most common type.
  3. c Flavor (taste good/well balanced flavors), Color (NOT COULDY), Aroma (Smell good) and body (some stickiness).
  4. d Broth that has been clarified using a mixture of ground meat, egg whites, and other ingredients that trap impurities to result in a perfectly clear broth.
  5. e A broth that has a pound of hearty ingredients (meats, beans, or vegetables) for every court of broth/stock.

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  1. to process food by mashing, straining , or chopping it very finely in order to make it smooth paste. Also a product produced using this technique.
  2. top bud portion or spears of vegetable and reserve for garnish.
  3. 60% flour 40% fat
  4. is the combination of lean ground meat, egg whites, mirepoix, herbs and spices, and tomato or other acidic ingredients.
  5. base, found in baking soda, turns veggies brown and breaks them down

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  1. What is the formula for making fish stock or fumet?8 lbs. Bones, 1 lb. Mirepoix, 1 Sachet d'epice, Water (varies w/bone type)


  2. What is lecithin and what role does it serve in an emulsified sauce?Lightly thickened consistency.


  3. Sautéingreferred to generically as a sauté pan


  4. What is the purpose of clarifying butter?8 lbs. Bones, 1 lb. Mirepoix, 1 Sachet d'epice, Water (varies w/bone type)


  5. Tomato saucea sauce prepared by simmering tomatoes in liquid aromatics. One of the "Grand Sauces"


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