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  1. Describe the formula and method for reclarifing a cloudy consommé.
  2. Persillade
  3. Batonnet
  4. Glace de Viande
  5. Permanent emulsion
  1. a white bread crumbs with minced garlic and parsley. Mix with clarified butter to give texture. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  2. b Hold indefinitely once made Hollandaise ý LECITHIN as emulsifier Mayonnaise
  3. c Items cut into pieces somewhat larger than allumette orjulienne;1/4in by 1/4in by 1 to 2in/6mm by 6mm by 3 to 5 cm. French for "stick" or "small stick".
  4. d Meat glaze (reduced Estouffade)
  5. e Bring the liquid down to approx. 120˚ F (a temperature below coagulation temperature of egg whites)
    Beat 1 egg white/ qt. of liquid with a pinch of salt or a form of acid (tomatoes), to denature whites
    Mix the egg whites into the warm liquid thoroughly
    Heat the mixture to a gentle simmer, stirring to prevent anything from sticking to the bottom
    Simmer gently 5 minutes to fully coagulate all whites (egg raft)
    Strain carefully through coffee filter

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  1. is a highly reduced stock, broth or remouillage.
  2. base, found in baking soda, turns veggies brown and breaks them down
  3. Thickened with flour usually contains pork, potatoes and dairy, traditional
  4. Broth that has been clarified using a mixture of ground meat, egg whites, and other ingredients that trap impurities to result in a perfectly clear broth.
  5. vegetables cut into 1/2 in cubes

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  1. Describe the difference between New England-style Chowder and Manhattan-style Chowder.Classical cream soup is made with béchamel sauce and the modern cream soup is made with a veloute.


  2. BrothThe French term for stock. Also describes the pan drippings remaining after sautéing or roasting food. It is often deglazed and used as a base for sauces.


  3. Glace de GibierFish glaze


  4. Name three different types of specialty soups?Brown Blonde White


  5. What are the four criteria for evaluating Sauce Velouté?Stock & roux.


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