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  1. Villi
  2. Mechanical Digestion
  3. Epiglottis
  4. Insulin
  5. Saliva
  1. a finger like projections
  2. b sugar
  3. c covers trachea
  4. d breaking. crushing, and mashing of food
  5. e carbs

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  1. Muscle Contractions that move the food
  2. Very dry and water is absorbed from undigested food and turns waste into semi-solid feces or stool
  3. amylase that breaks down carbs
  4. Breaks down and absorbs nutrients through villi.
  5. Makes bile to break down fat, stores nutrients, and breaks toxins

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  1. AnusBreaks down food into chyme


  2. Gallbladderstores bile from liver


  3. PepsinAlso known as the throat. Moves food from the mouth.


  4. ChymeFood is broken down into a soupy mixture


  5. Chemical Digestionbreaking. crushing, and mashing of food


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