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  1. Patellar reflex
  2. clonus
  3. spreading (reflexes)
  4. functional testing
  5. Palpation
  1. a myositis
  2. b drift, fine movements
  3. c reflexes to other muscles not tested
  4. d L4
  5. e repetitive vibratory contraction in response to muscle/tendon stretch

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  1. C7
  2. involuntary movements/tremors (basal ganglia,cerebellum/periph n)
  3. deep tendon, plantar reflexes
  4. IFMOPS, Observation, Inspection, Palpation, Muscle Tone, Functional, Strength
  5. opposite leg when medial knee is tapped

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  1. Bicep reflexC5, C6


  2. muscle strength scaleUMN/LMN, basal ganglia dysfunction


  3. Hoffman's signheightened reflexes, finger flexor m


  4. hyporeflexiaLMN lesion


  5. Inspectionmyositis


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