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French - conditional of auxiliary/modal verbs Test

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  1. on aurait besoin de
  2. vous voudriez
  3. il faudrait
  4. j'aurais besoin de
  5. il saurait
  1. a one would need to
  2. b you (pl) would want, like
  3. c he would know how to
  4. d one should / one ought / it would be necessary to
  5. e I would need to

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. I would know how to
  2. you (pl) should
  3. they would need to
  4. I would want, like
  5. you (pl) would know how to

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  1. vous pourriezyou (pl) would want, like


  2. tu pourraisI could


  3. nous aurions besoin deyou (pl) would need to


  4. tu aurais besoin deone would need to


  5. il aimeraithe would like, love


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