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  1. In-Groups
  2. Group Dynamics
  3. Primary Groups
  4. Leaderships Styles
  5. Coalitions
  1. a Groups toward which we feel loyalty
  2. b Refer to how groups influence us and how we affect groups
  3. c Ways of expressing yourself as a leader
  4. d Georg Simmel; Some group members aligning themselves against others; It is not uncommon for two members of a triad to feel stronger bonds and to prefer one another, leaving the third person hurt and excluded
  5. e Charles Cooley; Provide intimate, face-to-face interaction, they give us an identity's feeling of who we are; EX: Family

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  1. There are few enough members that each one can interact directly with all the other members
  2. George Ritzer; The standardization of everyday life, a process that is transforming our lives; EX: If you want to go shopping, you go to a mall, where there is one-stop shopping in controlled environments or Travel agencies that offer "package" tours
  3. Clusters within a group, or its internal factions
  4. Bureaucracies, with their rules and emphasis on results, would increasingly dominate our lives
  5. Georg Simmel; Consists of three people; Can create strain because interaction between the first two people decreases; EX: Husband and wife have a baby, and all attention is placed on the baby and interest is lost between the parents

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  1. AggregateConsists of people who temporarily share the same physical space but who do not see themselves as belonging together


  2. The Iron Law of OligarchyBureaucracies, with their rules and emphasis on results, would increasingly dominate our lives


  3. Red Tape: A Rule Is A RuleLaurence Peter; Each employee of a bureaucracy is promoted to his or her level of incompetence


  4. Democratic LeaderOne who tries to gain a consensus


  5. Authoritarian LeaderOne who gives orders


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