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  1. Oui, ça va.
  2. J'ai mal aux dents.
  3. J'ai mal au pied.
  4. Je suis fatigué(e)
  5. J'ai mal au coeur.
  1. a
    My foot hurts.
  2. b
    I'm tired.
  3. c I feel nauseous / sick.
  4. d
    I have a toothache.
  5. e I'm fine.

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  1. I have the flu.
  2. I'm better.
  3. to have aches/pains somewhere
  4. I have a cold. (2)

  5. I have a cough.

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  1. J'ai mal au ventre.
    I have a toothache.


  2. Je me sens très fatigué.
    I feel very tired.


  3. Qu'-est-ce que tu as?What's the matter (with you)?


  4. J'ai de la fièvre.I have the flu.


  5. Je suis en forme.I have a cold. (2)


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